18,000 Children in Danger as Human Traffickers Pounce on Biden Loophole


More than 18,000 endangered children took advantage of a particular loophole opened up by His Wisdom Joe Biden and the Imperial Palace. Human traffickers who smuggle illegal aliens across the border for steep fees are cashing in on kids.

Children are the golden key

A report of the latest border crisis statistics reveals that Central American migrants know more about the legal loopholes in Biden regime regulations than the American public does. There is a very special reason why we now have over 18,000 unaccompanied minors collecting at the border.

“There’s a loophole in our law that incentivizes people to bring 6-year-old children with them because the Biden administration has changed the law so that if you have a 6-year-old with you, you can’t be deported,” Senator Lindsey Graham explains.

The way it works, Graham relates, “they’re all processed, put on a bus, and eight hours after being apprehended they’re released in the United States.” Basically they have been dropping illegals off at Greyhound stations and waving “hasta la vista.”

Graham shot some video from “a path he says migrants use while coming into the U.S. that leads them to detention centers.” What he tweeted was “This path is marked so that people will know where to go to find a detention facility.” A subtle difference which shows the propaganda slant of network media. The children are well equipped with phone numbers and information about U.S. relatives.

Coyotes know all about the loophole in the law, Graham insists. “It’s a humanitarian tragedy but it’s literally insane policy.” The Border Patrol warned Imperial Leader Biden what would happen but he opened the borders up by Palace Decree anyway. Now the toddlers are being exploited.

“They pleaded with him to stop a crisis before it started & he refused. Now, thousands of children are crammed into profoundly inadequate holding facilities as a direct result of Biden’s reckless actions.”

They’re not criminals

Just because they illegally entered the country does not make them criminals, Sister Norma Pimentel insists. She’s with Catholic Charities of the Rio Grande Valley’s Humanitarian Crisis Respite Center. They help “families with young children brought to them by Border Patrol.”

The liberal advocates make sure that each family gets their welcome to America starter pack, courtesy of the Democrat Party. Each one virtually has a handy card stapled to it reading, “un-check this box if you don’t wish to register to vote as a Democrat. Un-check this other box if you don’t want us to prepare and mail your ballot for you.”

Sister Norma has a few words for Americans about asylum seekers on the way up north. “My message to the American public is not to be afraid of human life, especially because they’re not criminals.” Well, some of them are criminals.

The 17-year-old MS-13 types covered head to toe in tattoos and wielding the inevitable machete. The harmless children need them for landscaping, democrats insist.

The Catholic charity is particularly on the lookout for families with young babies. “We take them from the Border Patrol so we can make sure they’re safe because they’re moms and children and families that are exposed to great dangers and traffickers and others that want to take advantage of them.”

Under her care, they “get a chance to eat, to take a shower, to change clothing, to get what a family needs that has been traveling for a while.” Then soon, it’s off to the bus stop for a random ride to America’s heartland. “Perdon, senor, tenga un dollar?”


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