Who Hid Biden Classified Documents Before Election


Biden lawyers hiding classified documents until long after the election shows that the political hypocrisy is rampant. Conservative former governor and presidential hopeful Chris Christie condemned it from the ABC studio on Sunday. He’s demanding to know who did it.

Who hid Biden’s documents

It’s bad enough that Joe Biden or his son Hunter squirreled away classified documents. Joe made it clear he thought such behavior was unforgivable when Donald Trump’s home was raided.

None of Joe’s homes were raided. Instead, lawyers quietly took care of all the details from the moment of discovery to public admission. Nobody knows if there were more which just as quietly disappeared completely.

After a long hot summer of controversy simmering around the Mar-a-Lago madness, somebody noticed Joe Biden had also been mishandling classified documents. The first batch turned up in a suite of offices he reportedly shared with Hunter Biden and others.

An office Joe only visited six times as he collected a big paycheck from the University of Pennsylvania for eating ice cream. The discovery happened six days before the controversial midterm elections. Nobody said a word because it might hurt Democrat chances in close races.

That, Christie notes, is a “political problem.” He demands to know, “why did they wait to tell us?” After all, “they knew this before midterms — six days before.” You have Joe Biden on TV proclaiming “I must be transparent, Donald Trump is not.

He is “irresponsible for having these in his home.” As he said it, he knew “he’s got a bunch in his home.” There’s a much bigger question about these classified documents, though. “Who made the decision to not tell the American people six days before an election?

A different conversation

Christie is convinced that we would have been having a much different political conversation if the shoe was on the other foot with the timing on discovery of classified documents.

If Donald Trump had not told the people six days before an election, what would the political conversation be about right now?” He quizzed rhetorically. Even ABC’s political director Rick Klein agreed on that point. He also admits that “Christie was right about the administration not being immediately transparent.

They had an opportunity to get in front of all of this either before the election or since then,” the liberal confirmed. “As it has come out — you talk about ‘drip, drip,’ to find every detail with every passing day there’s another batch of documents, adds to the suspicion around this.

He hopes somebody has a good answer “If there isn’t, then we’re talking about something that’s going to consume [an alleged] presidency.

Klein also freely admits that Democrats are afraid to talk about Biden’s classified documents, even in private. The way he expressed it, “some are cautious about making public statements either way.” Some say give Biden a pass. He isn’t one of them.

On the other hand,” he noted, “this could end up backfiring.” Christie got the last word. The problem, he summarized, is Joe Biden “withheld this from the American people for six days prior to a midterm election, and I want to know why and who made that decision.


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