Whistleblowers Crawling From the FBI Woodwork


According to Jim Jordan, a popular conservative Ohio lawmaker, a total of “14 FBI whistleblowers have come to him with complaints“. Not just any complaints, dedicated agents are bothered by “the political nature of the Justice Department.” They’ve been crawling out of the woodwork ever since Merrick Garland ordered the highly partisan political raid on Mar-a-Lago.

Whistleblowers step forward

These aren’t the same whistleblowers that Charles Grassley badgered Christopher Wray about on the witness stand. The Senator’s questions bothered the alleged Director of the FBI so bad that he had to escape by jet, to his safe space in the Adirondacks.

This batch all came forward after the historically unprecedented raid on the home of a former president.

The day after the debacle in Palm Beach, Jordan sent some poison pen letters off to Garland, Wray and an assistant to Imperial Wisdom Joe Biden arguing the Justice Department “has shattered public confidence in the equal application of the law.” He told the public about it when he appeared on Fox.

Fourteen FBI agents have come to our office as whistleblowers,” he began. He’s quick to point out that most of the bureau are great people doing awesome and important things. These are those sort of agents. The Deep State running the show is a different story.

There are lots of good people in the FBI. It’s the top that’s the problem. But some of these good agents are coming to us, telling us this is baloney what’s going on—the political nature now of the Justice Department.” He’s been collecting a herd of whistleblowers since May. That’s when he first came out with the exact same accusations.

The first ones were complaining about how they had to classify parents as terrorists for daring to question their kids’ “woke” curriculum. “God bless them for doing it. Coming and talking to us about the school board issue, about a whole host of issues, I mean it’s becoming a well-worn trail of agents who say, ‘This has got to stop.


Trump wants transparency, DOJ Doesn’t

After the raid, Merrick Garland went on TV to take full responsibility for issuing the order and telling everyone in America just to take his word for it that they did everything proper and legal. Officially, the FBI simply cannot do anything improper. Garland was hoping that Trump would fight the documents being made public.

That way, the Democrats could use it against him and his associates in upcoming elections. It backfired when the former president demanded it all be unsealed. Everything, even the affidavit. That’s why the left is so terrified that whistleblowers went running to Congress.

While Trump wants the affidavit unsealed, that’s the last thing Merrick Garland wants. It will prove how unjustified and purely political his botched operation really was. He’s fighting that tooth and nail, begging the judge to keep that particular document tightly under wraps.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Bruce Reinhart scheduled an in-person hearing on Thursday on that very subject. It would be interesting to know what the whistleblowers already told Jordan that he can use for ammo against the DOJ when they try to lie later.

Trump’s team is fighting to get the affidavit released but it’s up to the judge. That still might not be the final word. There are rumors swirling around that, as a last resort, Trump or one of his allies might dump a clean, unredacted copy of that affidavit on the press. That would really shake things up.

The whistleblowers will be happy to confirm anything that involves them and it sounds like these are just the sort of INVESTIGATORS the bureau really needs. Not the Deep State instigators you read about daily.


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