While You Were Distracted: Daniel Hoffman Sounds the Alarm on National Security Threat


Retired CIA officer Daniel Hoffman is spooked by the threat “to our national security from GH America and its Chinese Communist Party overlords.” China’s trying to invade Texas while the mainstream media works hard to misdirect everyone with Black Lives Matter madness.

A threat to Texas

Xi Jinping’s “willful effort to conceal the outbreak and severity of the coronavirus, while rejecting any sort of transparent collaboration against this global pandemic” is only a distraction. There’s a more sinister threat hiding in the shadows. Knowing “no bounds,” Hoffman writes, China “brazenly targets the American Wild West.”

Val Verde County along the west Texas borderlands is in Chinese Communist espionage crosshairs. The threat specifically targets the “iconic frontier landscape framed by the pristine Devils River and legendary Pecos River.”

Under the cover of green new deal environmentalism, the innocuous sounding GH America Investment Group quietly gained title to “over 130,000 acres of property
in Val Verde County.” The wholly-owned subsidiary of the Guanghui Industry Investment Group just happens to be based in the Xinjiang region, “notorious for its so-called ‘re-education’ camps.” The threat has been growing since 2015.

Using a wind farm as cover

Hoffman is worried about the threat to national security. “Aside from gathering intelligence on U.S. border security operations,” he writes, China could use
their growing Blue Hills Wind Farm “as cover to collect intelligence on nearby Laughlin Air Force Base.”

Not only that, they’ll be plugging the wind turbines into critical infrastructure in Texas, which is likewise plugged into the national electrical grid, creating an even bigger threat to our entire nation. According to Hoffman, he’s “a retired CIA officer and not a biologist,” so won’t comment on how some of the tallest onshore turbines in the country “would decimate the fragile ecosystem, obstruct migratory flight paths, disrupt groundwater flows and degrade water quality in this area.”

The former spy is amazed that China isn’t even trying to cover the their tracks. The threat is right out in the open. “In contrast to cloak-and-dagger espionage, China’s nefarious attack on our national security interests in the great state of Texas is endangering us in plain sight.”


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