Americans Ignore ‘Dr Deep State’ Anthony Fauci


Americans are ignoring the advice of coronavirus experts and one in particular doesn’t like it. Dr. Deep State, Anthony Fauci, calls it “a recipe for disaster.” Guess what doc… the disaster happened already and now the Kung Flu is here to stay, America says that it’s time to get on with life instead of hiding in the basement like Joe Biden.

Americans aren’t buying the hype

Dr. Anthony Fauci, allegedly the nation’s top infectious disease expert, isn’t happy with ordinary Americans who are questioning his wisdom. He got rather perturbed on Monday at people who “have abandoned practicing personal mitigation measures.” The “all or none” approach, he scolds, is causing more cases.

The masses aren’t buying the Madison Avenue advertising campaign. This isn’t Ebola. Every year, millions of Americans get the ordinary flu and a percentage die. We never shut the whole country down for it before. Quarantine made sense when we found out it escaped from a lab and it looked like we were about to be wiped out by the Andromeda Strain. Now we know it’s just the Kung Flu.

“What has happened,” Fauci speculates, “is that people took the attitude in some places of either all or none. Either you’re locked down, or you just let it fly and you just ignore many of the guidelines.” He totally ignores the rioting masses in every urban center from coast-to-coast to focus on those Americans who keep shaking hands.

A recipe for disaster

“You see pictures on the TV,” Dr. Deep State proclaims, “of the fact that even in states that are telling their citizens to do it correctly,” Americans refuse to behave. Governors need to start shooting people for crossing the masking tape lines at Walmart or daring to walk into a convenience store without a bandanna.

There “are crowds. They are not physical distancing, and they’re not wearing masks. That’s a recipe for disaster.” Fauci demands Americans to be sure that looters and rioters maintain their distance, and light their own Molotov cocktail instead of having someone light it for them. Going toe-to-toe with the police lines is a no-no as well, even with the face shields the riot gear provides.

Another thing is to be sure to wash your hands frequently, especially after handling ball peen hammers to break windows with. You never know what could be lurking on the surface of the box of that big screen TV you just tossed in the shopping cart. Don’t forget to loot some hand sanitizer too.


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