FBI Nabs MAJOR Epstein Accomplice For Illegal Sex Acts


The infamous female accomplice to high-profile child molester Jeffrey Epstein was arrested Thursday morning, CNN reports. Ghislaine Maxwell was charged with six counts stemming from illegal sex acts with girls as young as 14-years-old. The pair were so emotionally close they’re often described as “two pedophiles in a pod.” She may have been the leader of the whole complex conspiracy to blackmail world leaders, corporate executives and other key player on the world stage.

Epstein Accomplice behind bars

Fasten your seat belts folks, because we’re in for a wild ride. If Ghislaine Maxwell doesn’t end up hanging herself in a cell we may finally get some real answers out of Jeffrey Epstein’s infamous accomplice as to who visited pedophile Island on the Lolita Express.

Contrary to popular belief, Maxwell was not hiding out in the secret submarine base beneath Little Saint James island. She was arrested in New Hampshire. According to a spokesman for the US attorney’s office, Nicholas Biase, Epstein’s accomplice was cuffed without incident and will make her initial appearance in New Hampshire, but is being charged for her alleged crimes in the Southern District of New York.

Officially, Maxwell is charged with “enticement.” Along with that, the accomplice allegedly conspired “to entice minors to travel to engage in illegal sex acts.” Including allegedly keeping Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew happy on the flight over, then over and over again once they arrived at Epstein’s Caribbean pedophile paradise. On top of that Maxwell is also charged with “transportation and conspiracy to transport minors with intent to engage in criminal sexual activity, and two counts of perjury.”

Abuse of minor girls

The indictment spells out her role as Epstein’s accomplice. “In particular, from at least in or about 1994, up to an including at least in or about 1997, Maxwell assisted, facilitated, and contributed to Jeffrey Epstein’s abuse of minor girls by, among other things, helping Epstein to recruit, groom, and ultimately abuse victims known to Maxwell and Epstein to be under the age of 18.” Some of the girls were as young as 14.

The same deal between Epstein’s estate and the prosecutor in the Virgin Islands, which cleared the way for victims to finally receive financial compensation, made the arrest of Epstein’s accomplice possible. There was a huge fight over the proposed releases which victims were required to sign before collecting a dime. The estate wanted them to agree not to pursue charges against the rest of Epstein’s criminal enterprise. After some fierce fighting by our aggressive territorial Attorney General, Denise George, the estate lawyers backed down. A few of them may end up facing charges for their roles in the conspiracy.

Along with Maxwell, other women also served the accomplice role and they will be tracked down and prosecuted as well. As described by CNN, “public pressure has mounted to hold those who assisted him — perhaps including Maxwell and a coterie of young women who allegedly worked under her — accountable not only for his actions, but also for their own roles.”


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