Where Did the CDC Get All This Money, and Why Did it End Up In the Hands Of…


Your tax dollars are hard at work ladies and gentlemen. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has reportedly spent $3.5 million to pay NFL Alumni in a desperate attempt to convince the American people to take the COVID19 vaccine. This is an absolutely stunning move from the CDC for a few reasons. Not the least of which is who in the world actually thought this was an idea that could reasonably work?

Want a reason Americans are “vaccine-hesitant“? Apparently, the CDC employs the type of “minimally exceptional” people who could conceivably think this was a good idea. (Thank you, George Carlin) Are football stars really supposed to make people feel better about possible side effects?!?! Honestly, how stupid do they thing we are?

According to a Harvard article on so-called “Vaccine Hesitancy” (It’s really vaccine REFUSAL at this point…)

“There are varied reasons for vaccine hesitancy. The WHO working group has cited the degree of trust in vaccines, healthcare systems, and policymakers (confidence), a perception of low risks from disease (complacency, which paradoxically arises because effective vaccines lead to low disease risk in the first place), and access challenges (convenience) as reasons for vaccine hesitancy. 

A survey conducted by Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Maryland in a collaboration with Facebook collected 18 million responses and found that 70% of vaccine-hesitant adults are worried about potential side effects of COVID-19 vaccines. Surveys from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have identified other factors beyond safety, such as reliance on a “wait and see” approach, a lack of trust in the government, and concerns about the speed at which COVID-19 vaccines were developed.”

The official line from the CDC’s notice of intent on this one? Check this out:

“The overall purpose of this contract is to facilitate collaboration among NFL Alumni and federal state and local public health officials as well as other local leaders to address vaccine hesitancy through communication and engagement with communities less likely to get vaccinated,” stated the CDC’s notice of intent.

Even As The Government Runs Out Of Funding And Considers Another Lockdown The CDC Spent your Money on THIS!

Sadly enough, the NFL Alumni group seems rather proud of this too. (Then again if you bilked the Biden-Harris regime out of $3.5 million, wouldn’t you be pretty happy too?) They clearly didn’t spend that much on their website.

Did we mention that the Debt ceiling ran out on August 2nd and the Government is going to shut down unless the Democrats and GOP make a deal? Plus according to White House sources of Jack Posobiec, another lockdown could be imminent? And they spent $3.5 million of your money to have former NFL players try to convince you to take the COVID19 vaccine? This is insanity.



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