Agents at the ATF Have a Haunting Message About Biden Nominee

Agents at the ATF Have a Haunting Message About Biden Nominee

Joe Biden‘s nominee to head the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives doesn’t even have the support of the agents he would be presiding over.

Current and former ATF agents have spoken out about Biden’s nominee to head the agency, David Chipman, calling him a “rabid partisan” who’s taken a “hostile position against the Second Amendment.”

“I am concerned that somebody who has taken such a strong and hostile position against the Second Amendment, as well as gun owners and some of the most popular firearms in the United States, would be viewed as a political leader for an agency that, I think, has worked extremely hard to build the American public confidence in its handling of interpreting both the Gun Control Act and the various regulations around it,” Former ATF Director Michael Sullivan said.

Chipman, who was an ATF agent for almost 25 years, now works as a policy advisor for a gun control advocacy group that was created by former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, who was shot in 2011.

“Mr. Chipman has made it clear over the course of his time as a lobbyist with organizations that are anti-gun and one that has a very restrictive view of the Second Amendment … would suggest a hostility toward both the Second Amendment and the American people’s right to exercise their constitutional rights under the Second Amendment to be firearm owners,” Sullivan said.

An anonymous current member of the ATF told Fox News that Chipman is a “bully.”

Another member of the agency, speaking on a condition of anonymity, called Chipman a “bully.”

“His reputation is as an activist more so than anything,” he said. “I’ve only known two ATF agents out of hundreds whom I would describe as being anti-gun, and Dave is one of them.”

“To effectively enforce [gun] laws, you have to be unbiased and apolitical,” he added. “You can’t be partisan. Dave has shown himself to be a rabid partisan. He’s shown a propensity who personally attack people who don’t share his… philosophies. He… I guess, perceives that he is on some sort of platform of righteousness.”

The Senate Judiciary Committee voted on Chipman’s nomination on June 24. The vote was tied at 11-11, divided along party lines.

According to a tweet from the Committee, the tie vote “means [Chuck Schumer] may now file a discharge motion to place his nomination on the executive calendar.”

Alongside these ATF agents, Republicans are also outraged at Biden’s nominee, and have all vowed to vote against his confirmation.

“We got a nominee who supports [gun] confiscation, who wants to ban guns, who wants a registry, and who was appointed to carry out Joe Biden’s promise, ‘Bingo!’ We’re coming after your guns,” Senator Ted Cruz said the morning of the vote.

“David Chipman is an unqualified radical gun-grabber who is not fit to lead the ATF,” Senator Tom Cotton tweeted.

Representative Chip Roy released a statement about Chipman’s nomination, writing:

“President Biden’s nomination of David Chipman to lead the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) reveals his utter contempt for the Second Amendment rights of Americans. Yesterday, the President unveiled his gun control strategy that Mr. Chipman will lead, seeking to seize guns and mocking the inherent right of self-defense. Mr. Chipman is a gun control radical who favors banning guns that every day Americans keep in their homes for sport and self-defense. The right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed – anyone who does not understand that has no business running the ATF. Every Senator that supports the fundamental right to self-defense codified in the Second Amendment should vote against this dangerous nominee.”

It all comes down to West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin, the most moderate Democrat in the Senate, to prevent Chipman’s confirmation.

Legislators in West Virginia are imploring Manchin to side with the Republicans.

“Over 65 WVGOP legislators signed a letter to [Senator Manchin] urging him to oppose anti-gun radical David Chipman for ATF Director. President Biden’s nominee has an extensive history of anti-gun rhetoric. The WVGOP will always stand for our right to keep and bear arms,” the West Virginia Republican Party tweeted.

There is even an entire Twitter account dedicated to stopping Chipman’s confirmation. The account has shared several videos from average Americans, especially West Virginia voters, asking their senators to vote no. Here is one of the videos:



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