Watch: Antifa Thug Gets Slammed in Street Brawl


Charlie Kirk, hosting Turning Point USA’s The Charlie Kirk Show posted a video of an Antifa thug clad in black being savagely slammed to the pavement by a pair of patriotically clothed counter-protesters following a street corner altercation outside a California GOP Event. The video has since gone viral with over 130,000 views on Youtube and Rumble. It’s pretty easy to see who came out on top of this one as the thread-bare black-bloq Antifa-lightweight is bodily lifted and slammed to the ground while catching a right jab to the face.

According to News2Share,

“As a “We Are Israel” rally took place Sunday in El Cajon, California featuring Mike Pompeo, antifa protesters faced off with conservatives nearby. Clashes escalated into mace fights without police intervention until the sides separated.”

According to Fox5 San Diego, “a group of pro-Palestinian protesters marched toward the event from El Cajon City Park, then returned to the park after a brief scuffle with counter-protesters on West Main Street.”

Not only was the Israel-supporting event a venue to hear from Fmr. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, but also GOP Candidate for California Governor Larry Elder was also speaking.

Pro-Palestinian Antifa Group Cries Foul After Getting Mace’d And Losing The Fight They Started.

Protestors reportedly began marching in the streets outside the event around 3:30 PM when the El Cajon Police department warned the public via Twitter that pedestrians were in the road at Roannok and West Main. They then closed a nearby intersection to vehicular traffic for safety reasons.

About ten minutes later the fight started, then it ended, and then the Antifa types began screaming persecution.

“The El Cajon sign was so far from us,” said Jeanine Erikat, with the Palestinian Youth Movement according to Fox5 San Diego. “We are just starting to turn and all of a sudden we get sprayed. People commenting saying we have been waiting since 9/11 to get these terrorist all on public media and this was just from the fliers – this is exactly why we were opposed to Mike Pompeo and Mayor Wells supporting this Christian Zionism event.”

The San Diego Tribune reports that by about 4 PM the so-called “pro-Palestinian” (read: anti-Semitic) rioters took their ball and went back to the park in the face of El Cajon Police clad in riot gear who seemed unwilling to put up with their nonsense.



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