California Just Got a Strong Patriot to Enter the Governor Race


While California Governor Gavin Newsom is so thoroughly unprepared for his recall election that he couldn’t manage to register as a Democrat before the cutoff, a very serious challenger for Governor has emerged in the form of a trusted conservative voice, the “Sage of South Central”: Larry Elder.

Elder has been a prominent voice in the conservative, libertarian broadcasting world since 1988, making him a formidable presence in a race that most Republicans nationwide believed would only see more milquetoast, left-leaning “California-Republicans” a la’ former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. The ‘Governator’ also emerged from a recall election in 2003 which saw the recall of the disgraced Gov. Gray Davis. More Conservative GOP elements in Northern and Western California will likely flock to him with renewed vigor and energy.

The Race For Governor Just Got Alot More Serious

It looks like Elder is emerging as a more viable contender than the controversial Caitlyn Jenner or the locally relevant but nationally unknown John Cox or Kevin Faulconer. An OANN poll on Twitter showed Elder to have a commanding 36 point lead over Jenner with Cox and Faulconer lagging behind with 6 points each.

USNews reported,

“In an interview with The Associated Press, the 69-year-old attorney said he initially was reluctant to become a candidate in a state where Democrats hold a lopsided grip on power in Sacramento. Among supporters who encouraged him to run: fellow conservative radio host Dennis Prager.

Elder said he decided to enter his first campaign after witnessing California’s out-of-control homeless crisis, spiking crime rates, looming water and power shortages, and whipsaw coronavirus lockdowns.”

Elder Emerges From With Rhetorical Guns Blazing

The Los Angeles based Talk-show host said in a statement according to The New York Post, “I’m running for governor because the decline of California isn’t the fault of its people,” Elder said in a statement. “Our government is what’s ruining the Golden State. Our schools are closed to both students and their parents. Our streets aren’t safe from rising violent crime or the disaster of rising homelessness. And the scandals of Sacramento aren’t going to stop on their own. It’s time to tell the truth. We’ve got a state to save.”

Elder responded to accusations by the flailing Governor Newsom that the recall effort is being “led by Trump white nationalists” with perfect aplomb.

“Do I look like a white nationalist?” Elder asked.

As far as his fellow Republicans go, Mr. Elder doesn’t seem terrifically concerned with them, and given Caitlyn Jenner’s somewhat disastrous appearance at CPAC2021 in Dallas coupled with polls that show Jenner as the only real GOP contender to him, his lack of concern seems well justified.

“I think this is a race between Gavin Newsom and me. I don’t think about the other candidates,”



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