Lin Wood and Sidney Powell Are NOT Backing Down and Neither Should You

Lin Wood Sidney POwell Trump election lawsuit fraud smartmatic dominion

Pro Trump attorneys Lin Wood and Sidney Powell are not backing down from the fight against voter fraud. The voting software company SmartMatic just filed a lawsuit against Powell, and Wood agreed to represent her. Wood says bring it on!

Lin Wood takes on Dominion

Smartmatic USA Corp., which is the owner of Dominion, the voting software used in the 2020 general elections, has announced it will take legal action against attorney Sidney Powell over her allegations of election fraud. Powell refused to retract her statement, then contacted Lin Wood to represent her in the case. Wood replied with a simple letter that said:

“I represent Sidney Powell. I have carefully reviewed your letter of December 15, 2020. I am not impressed. Ms. Powell retracts nothing. File your lawsuit.”

Wow. Now that’s how it should be done. Real patriots don’t back down or fold under pressure! Lin Wood shared the letter in a tweet where he wrote, “Knowing my background & experience in defamation law, Sidney Powell asked me to represent her & respond to the SmartMatic litigation threat. Since everything Sidney is saying about election fraud is documented TRUTH, my response to SmartMatic was simple & to the point.

SmartMatic suing Sidney Powell

This fight has been escalating ever since the week of the November 3rd election, when evidence came out that Dominion voting machines flipped votes from Trump to Biden in several counties. Sidney Powell filed lawsuits naming Dominion and SmartMatic specifically, and claimed they were responsible for installing the faulty software which enabled the rigged election. Dominion threatened Powell with a defamation lawsuit if she didn’t retract her statement.

Lin Wood tweeted, “Efforts are now underway to suppress the truth by threatening truth-givers with litigation. SmartMatic and Dominion are sending threats to Sidney Powell and Epoch Times. Here is the threat to Sidney from SmartMatic (software used in the election fraud).” This fight is far from over folks.



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