Under a Corrupt Biden Team, Obama Poised to Be Next AG


If somehow, after the virtually certain civil war, Joe Biden were to force his way into the White House, his Attorney General is expected to be none other than Barack Obama himself. Patriots are howling in rage at the mere suggestion.

Obama still won’t go away

New World Order progressives simply can’t wait to put Barack Obama back in charge. Not only was his former Vice-Conspirator, Joe Biden, propped up as the usurping regime’s puppet front-man, practically the entire seditious cabinet is ready for action with fresh postings.

Now, in order for Barack himself to be able to keep a close eye on the Deep State from inside the administration, he’s trying to engineer an assignment as Attorney General. Not if patriots can help it.

The Kenyan can’t simply come out and say, hey Kamala, slot me in as the AG. The “optics” wouldn’t be good. Obama has to be invited.

Joe Cool can’t just say he’d think it was a great idea to put Barry Soetoro in charge of the Federal Bureau of Instigation. That would also be too obvious and progressives are a lot sneakier than that.

Democrats rounded up one of their resident experts and got a “former professor of constitutional law” to make the suggestion. Douglas Kmiec admits that, unlike respectable presidents, bathhouse Barry won’t quietly fade away. He’s like a booger on your finger.

While any former president leading the Department of Justice “would be unprecedented,” he writes, “it would help Biden to show that he’s governing ‘in the national interest.'” Conservatives hear that and scream. He probably had to look up how to spell “national” because that’s a word globalist liberals consider profanity. Not a single thing Barack Obama ever did was in the “national” interest. The Moslem falls over backwards to bow down to Darth Soros.

In the ‘national’ interest

Kmiec, who retired as a professor emeritus of constitutional law at Pepperdine University, is terrified of what might happen on January 6. Several Republican House members are chomping at the bit to object to the electors from states where the documented fraud was rampant.

Obama has been getting calls from the Open Societies Foundation and the Rothschild family and it makes him nervous. Conservative Senator Josh Hawley is already firmly on record announcing his plans to “second” the House objection. That will throw the Democrat’s plot into chaos.

The liberal expert knows that Biden can’t convince the “estranged voters” that he is “governing in the national interest.” That will be an uphill battle considering Hunter Biden’s laptop holds evidence that Joe peddled influence around the world for fun and profit. Hunter was raking in cash from Russia, China, and Ukraine with a cut going to his dad and another split to Uncle Jim for his role in the family crime.

Biden can’t stop stealing Obama era rhetoric but he doesn’t know how to deliver it. “Biden’s almost-plagiarized overuse of the red state/blue state metaphor from the 2008 election needs a definite boost of authenticity and actual demonstration of applied fairness.” The professor has an obvious solution.

“Instead of continuing to borrow Barack Obama’s trade line, he needs Obama himself.” The fastest way to eliminate the rule of law once and for all is for Biden to nominate the Moslem as attorney general. Another thing the scholar notes is that either Christopher Wray or Michael Horowitz have to go, because if they stay in the same building one of them will kill the other.

Getting rid of one of them “would remove much division, doubt and uncertainty.” Vegas is betting that Horowitz would be the one to get the ax. He actually dared to find wrongdoing in the FBI, even if he did cover it up well and make sure nobody faced any consequences for it.

The biggest reason Kmiec wants to see Barack Obama serving as Attorney General is because it would be “perfect preparation for subsequent additional public service on the Supreme Court.” That will only happen over top of a yuge pile of dead patriots. No wonder Joe wouldn’t talk about the Democrat plans to pack the Supreme Court.


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