Turns Out Joe Likes Women With Wieners

Turns Out Joe Likes Women With Wieners

Instead of looking to hire the best person for the job, Joe Biden is more focused on qualities that will help him the most, politically.


Announcing the nomination of Dr. Rachel Levine, the White House tweeted: “President-elect Biden has nominated Dr. Levine to serve as Assistant HHS Secretary. A deeply experienced public servant and public health expert, she is poised to become the first openly transgender federal official to be confirmed by the U.S. Senate.”

Hiring Dr. Rachel Levine as assistant secretary of Health and Human Services is a publicity stunt. Levine is a transgender woman, meaning a biological male, and severely under qualified for the position. But as usual, Democrats are calling Levine’s nomination “historic,” because their only concern is the appearance of diversity, not quality.

Failure in Pennsylvania

Before being nominated to the position, Levine served as Pennsylvania’s health secretary, and “failed miserably,” according to World Net Daily.

Pennsylvania is currently ranked a dismal forty-five out of the fifty states in COVID case fatality rates, and has legged behind most of the U.S. in testing.

The state has also been ranked 49 out of 50 states in vaccinations, thanks to Levine’s failure to implement a successful vaccination plan.

Pennsylvania, under Levine’s direction, followed Governor Andrew Cuomo‘s lead in ordering nursing homes to admit COVID infected patients. WND reported that “In the first five months of the pandemic, 70% of COVID-19 fatalities in the state were nursing home residents.”

What’s even worse is that it’s obvious that Levine knew the consequences of the policy before it was implemented, as she moved her mother out of a personal care facility shortly after implementing the policy.

Confirmation Hearing

The fact is, Joe Biden specifically chose Levine to score political points with the far-left radicals within his party. There is no other logical reason why someone so incompetent would be nominated for that position. Unfortunately, the Democrats have the votes necessary to confirm Levine to the position, as no Democrat would dare vote against a “historic” nomination.

At least Senator Rand Paul isn’t afraid to call Levine out. Video of Paul, who is also a doctor, calling out Levine on the Senate floor has made the rounds in the media, with conservatives praising him and the left calling him transphobic.


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