Trump Takes BRUTAL Loss… Deep State Wins


Whether you are a Trump supporter or not, this race is one that should have pissed you off.

Senator McConnell (R-KY) wasted tens of millions of dollars in a race simply because Donald Trump had a candidate in the race that was winning.

This race more than likely cost the GOP numerous elections in the Senate, more than likely the sole reason why we lost the Senate in 2022.

Murkowski Gets the Nod

Kelly Tshibaka was winning in most polls prior to the election.

McConnell came in and started dumping money for Lisa Murkowski to help her hold her Alaskan Senate seat.

That money paid off, as Murkowski made a late surge, costing Tshibaka the election.

It was also another blow against Donald Trump even though the seat remained in the party.

Donald Trump’s battleground candidates got their clocks cleaned in the election while his overall win percentage was quite high.

Within those wins, however, there were a bunch of candidates who ran unopposed, and a majority of the candidates he endorsed that won were in locked-down seats, meaning no danger of losing.

For instance, he endorsed Senator Chuck Grassley, who has been in office for 40 years.

Not only that, but Trump needed this win to get some momentum for his presidential campaign, and all it did was create more doubt.


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