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Politico recently printed a profile piece on GOP candidate Jennifer-Ruth Green.

In that piece, Politico outed Green as a sexual assault victim.

They did so without her permission, quite the opposite, actually.

Green literally begged them not to put that in the piece, but they published it anyway.

Fox News reached out to several key Democrats to comment.

All of them refused.

Doesn’t Count

The only conclusion we can come to is that if you are a conservative, sexual assault does not count.

You see, although Green is a minority, a woman, and a veteran, she misses one box… she is also a conservative, which changes everything.

Green believes the author of the piece, Adam Wren, came about the documents illegally.

She told Fox News, “I’m going to stand up not only for me, but I’m going to stand up for every other survivor, every other vet, every other woman, because I’m not going to let Congressman Frank Mrvan do this, I’m not going to let Adam Wren do this, and I’m just done with it.”

We would still like to know why Democrat congressional leaders and high-profile Democrats of the Me-Too movement will not decry the actions of Politico in this story.

You better believe if she were a Democrat, they would have been all over this.

On a side note, the DCCC has gone on the record to say it will not try to exploit this case to win the election.

Of course, that says nothing of Democrat PACs and her opponent, who already seem to be taking advantage of the report.


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