They Chant ‘Death to America’, CNN’s Response Shocks the World


In the District of Columbia, Democrats have squared off against the National Guard to surround the Imperial Palace. They’re chanting “Biden you betrayed us.”He was “hiding out on vacation” in the woods of Camp David “while the Taliban overran Afghanistan and seized control.” Thousands of Taliban fighters were heard chanting “Death to America” in Kabul but CNN reported, “they seem friendly at the same time.”

Death to America

Imperial Leader Joe Biden personally allowed a top Taliban leader out of Guantanamo Bay and sent him home to Morocco, calling him, “no longer a threat.”

CNN isn’t reporting that it’s the same terrorist who took over the whole country of Afghanistan. What they are reporting, with on-the-spot footage of a reporter standing before a large crowd in Kabul. “They’re just chanting ‘Death to America’ but they seem friendly at the same time. It is utterly bizzare.”

Outside the Imperial Palace in Washington, “thousands gathered outside the White House in protest” Liberals are laying “down in the road with signs asking the government to “evacuate Afghan’s now.” They were desperate enough to try hanging on to the planes as they flew back to America. It didn’t work.

Others “waved Afghan flags” at Joe while screaming “Biden you betrayed us.” When word of the blazing fast change of government, which the CIA swore up and down would never happen, Joe was trying not to trip over his dog and playing Frisbee at Camp David.

As soon as the headlines hit the screen in America, his handlers rushed His Wisdom back to the Palace to face the TV cameras. He failed miserably. He’s still convinced that abandoning the Afghans to their fate was a decision he can stand “squarely behind.”

It was all the fault of the deposed Afghan President. “C’mon man,” he whined and blamed military leaders for “giving up” and collapsing to the Taliban.

Twenty years work undone

Screaming at Biden for hiding on vacation was only one thing that liberals in America are chanting as they revolt in near-insurrection. His “decision to completely withdraw from Afghanistan has undone 20 years of work and people’s lives.” It totally damaged our credibility they pout.

They don’t care that 5,000 al-Qaeda, ISIS, and Taliban terrorists were “escorted to safety” and are now training for the upcoming 9/11 anniversary. With our planes, tanks, and helicopters.


The last thing the palace wants to hear is the word “Saigon.” Every time Antony Blinken hears it he throws something. It isn’t just because the images are visually similar.

What happened in Kabul was another evacuation of diplomats back to America. Scampering like rats to save their own skins while the rest were left behind to be captured, tortured and killed. Just like at the end of the Vietnam quagmire.


All Imperial Leader Biden can do is point the finger but everywhere he points, they say, sorry Joe, not me.

“I was the fourth President to preside over an American troop presence in Afghanistan – two Republicans, two Democrats. I would not, and will not, pass this war onto a fifth.” America will pay the bill.


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