More Disturbing Hunter Biden Info Drips Out of the Swamp


Now that the quagmire in Afghanistan has been resolved in favor of the Taliban, America can get back to the important issues, like the disturbing information dripping out of the swamp about Hunter Biden and his laptop. No not that laptop. There was another one. The cracked-out “artist” admits that it got stolen by the Russians. The disturbing part is that the FBI had that admission in evidence all the way back in December of 2019. Yep that’s right, nearly two years before the big guy was selected as Imperial Leader.

Hunter? He’s dead, grab the laptop

Oops, Hunter Biden wasn’t dead after all, he just seemed that way. The Russians still have his laptop though. The FBI has another one. One of the kinky sex videos in his personal collection turned out to be an exclusive interview with the hooker who delivered his stash.

The pair chatted on like it was a CNN interview. One where the naked sex-maniacs casually snorted lines off the night stand between interview questions. The FBI probably popped some popcorn and invited the whole team of Obamagate conspirators in for the secret screening, before they hid it from the public. It’s out now, freshly released courtesy of Daily Mail.

Its crystal clear that since December of 2019, the Federal Bureau of Instigation was fully aware that “Hunter Biden was worried about potential blackmail by Russian intelligence.”

You won’t hear about this in the network news broadcasts but it’s all over conservative journalism. The Federalist is the latest to cover the FBI coverup part of the scandal. They confirm that yes, indeed, “the FBI seized the hard drive of one of Hunter’s laptops back in December of 2019 that contained a video recently released by the Daily Mail.”

And what an interesting video that is. It clearly shows “Hunter confessing that Russians took another laptop of his during a drug-fueled party in Las Vegas, Nevada a year prior.” It talked about all the “crazy sex” videos and images including ones allegedly involving Malia Obama and her credit card as extras.

The card was laying next to some neat little lines and a pile of what looks a whole lot like cocaine. He admitted to the hooker he was terrified that “Russians may use it against him.” He thinks “the three of them, the three guys that were like a little group. The dealer and his two guys, I took them everywhere,” the playboy babbled. “They have videos of me doing this. They have videos of me doing crazy f-cking sex, f-cking, you know,” Biden added. “My computer, I had taken tons of like, just left like that cam on and somebody stole it.”

Biden lied

This tape proves without a doubt that “either Joe Biden lied to the American public, or the intelligence community lied to him.” Probably both. In October of 2020, the New York Post went public with “videos, text messages, and emails from an abandoned MacBook laptop belonging to Hunter Biden.” Then, Joe Biden firmly declared “the laptop was a Russian hoax.”

One of the images the Post released was the one of Malia Obama and her credit card. That was especially interesting because part of that image had been released to the public before hand. The image of the credit card in the coke made the rounds about the same time the laptop was seized, indicating it was leaked from inside the FBI.


The Obamas thought they had that one neutralized in the press until the image surfaced again, in context, along with Hunter pulling Malia’s hair from behind. That image hadn’t surfaced before.

According to the Federalist, the attorney for the laptop repairman has verified that the video of Biden “telling a prostitute he thought Russians had stolen a second laptop, leaving him susceptible to blackmail” was “definitely on the hard drive” of “the Biden MacBook abandoned at Isaac’s shop and later seized by the FBI.” That’s the smoking gun that proves they knew and when they knew it.

That, dear readers, is a threat to national security. The Hunter Biden laptop boosted by the Russians “contained material making the Biden family a national security risk and subject to Russian influence.”

It’s almost certain that “Joe Biden surely received briefings on these risks well before his October 2020 denial.” Logically, there are only two conclusions. The “question is: Did the FBI fail to provide Biden a truthful briefing on this intel, or did Biden fail to level with voters?”


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