These Leaked Emails Show Liberal Officials Admitting to the Whole Thing


Leaked emails show left-wing officials admitting to being responsible for the massive ballot dump for Joe Biden on election night, and laughing about it.

In the early hours of November 4th in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, there was a massive ballot dump. A batch of 143,379 ballots were added to the results, and every single one of them was for Joe Biden, giving him the lead he needed to “win” the state.

Many Americans were rightly concerned about this ballot dump, as well as similar events in other states.

A leaked email was found showing the officials behind the drop were laughing about it.

The email, which was first posted by local news outlet Wisconsin Spotlight, was written to Claire Woodall-Vogg, the Executive Director of the Election Commission of the city of Milwaukee.

Ryan Chew, of the Election Group, wrote in the now-leaked email:

“Damn, Claire, you have a flair for drama, delivering just the margin needed at 3:00 am. I bet you had those votes counted at midnight, and just wanted to keep the world waiting.”

leaked email

The sender, Ryan Chew, is a member of The Elections Group, which has connections to left-wing terrorism financier George Soros and Jennifer Morrell.

According to reporting from The Gateway Pundit, “The Elections Group was also present during the election steal in Georgia and Morrell was one of the observers selected by Katie Hobbs in Arizona to review the Senate’s election audit in Maricopa County.”

Claire Woodall-Vogg, on the other hand, has been in the news before for her actions during the 2020 election. The Milwaukee Election Commission Senior Executive was caught on camera in the early hours of November 4th working alone with the voting machines, with no election observers present. The only witnesses with her during this time was a camera crew for a local news outlet, who was not close enough to see what she was actually doing on the machines.


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