Biden Forces Confirmation and Compliance


It’s all about compliance. Either show some or be forced to submit to the cruel and unusual punishment. Progressive propaganda mill NBC reported on Wednesday, July 28, that Imperial Leader Joe Biden will soon declare each and every federal worker “be vaccinated for the coronavirus,” or else. The penalty is forced submission to strict and unpleasant testing measures.

Forced compliance with policy

Science has nothing to do with it, this is Imperial Palace policy. The New World Order puppet-masters of His Wisdom Joe Biden are insisting on total compliance with their evil plan of global domination. The new rules are expected to be reveled on Thursday after an internal palace review cleared the way and gave the policy a green light.

The only thing that isn’t clear is “when the changes would go into effect.” You can bet it will be soon. A system of “attestation of vaccination” is reported. One “in which federal workers would have to confirm their vaccination status or comply with safety measures such as mask-wearing and regular testing.”

Along with the requirement for total compliance to anything Anthony Fauci demands, the Imperial Leader is “expected to announce new steps that his administration is taking to try and boost the U.S. vaccination rate.”

They have come to the obvious conclusion that vaccine “hesitancy” is in reality vaccine “refusal.” That’s an untenable situation. The Rothschilds are furious that vaccine distribution “has slowed significantly in recent months and fallen below” prior goals set for Biden and his team.

Everyone is terrified of the latest mutant version of the designer virus. The one they call “Delta” so they don’t trigger hate crimes against people from India. It was originally detected there in December of 2020. Unless they can generate near total compliance with vaccine acceptance, they have people convinced that there will be corpses in the streets.

People, they warn without a shred of evidence to back it up, will be dying faster than if they had Ebola. Democrats buy that baloney by the ton but conservatives aren’t believing a word of it.

What about the risks?

Risks? Oh, that’s simple, there aren’t any. There is no excuse at all to refuse compliance. Of course, nearly everyone has some sort of “adverse reaction” to the serum but only a small percentage have actually died from it. At least, as far as they can tell so far without any testing at all.

The fanatic followers of Anthony Fauci who call themselves “public health officials” are spooked that America “could face another surge in cases in the fall.” They seem to forget that the ordinary flu has been making the rounds and mutating year after year and nobody freaked out until the year of the bat. Covid doesn’t kill many more people than the normal flu did the year before but suddenly it’s Armageddon.

Compliance is absolutely necessary, they claim, because “the overwhelming majority of people hospitalized or killed by Covid are unvaccinated.” The ones who aren’t killed are better prepared for the next time it comes around, and it’s mutant cousins too.

Those who were vaccinated can still get the covid too. What it boils down to is that it really doesn’t matter all that much one way or the other but caving in shows you’re less of a threat to the government.

To help prepare the masses to line up for the cattle cars without a fuss, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention declared you must show compliance with mandatory mask requirements. On Tuesday, they reversed previous guidance.

Now they recommend that “fully vaccinated people and kids once again start wearing masks indoors.” The palace immediately backed the move, issuing orders to federal agencies they “must mandate masks for employees inside all federal buildings in high-transmission areas.”


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