The All Out War Democrats Have Encouraged on Police Officers


Police Helicopters need to be wary of mortar and rocket fire above American cities now as the Antifa and BLM extremists Democrats have loosed upon the nation have turned densely populated areas into war zones. Forget #DefundThePolice, the leftists have made this the #WarOnPolice, and even the skies are no longer safe for our Officers.

Another Skirmish In The War On Police

John Schmid, 18, of Franklin, Tennessee was arrested July 3rd and charged with reckless endangerment with a deadly weapon, and two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon on an officer/responder after a Nashville Police Detective witnessed the young man opening fire on Nashville PD helicopter with mortar-tube style fireworks similar to those used by Antifa and BLM rioters to fire on Police in Portland, Oregon; Ferguson, Missouri and Atlanta, Georgia.

The explosive projectile Schmid fired did not impact the aircraft or injure the two Police personnel aboard. Schmid did, however, attempt to flee the scene according to Fox17 Nashville. The 18-year-old’s bond is set at $25,000.

Schmid is scheduled to appear in court on July 6th, according to online court records.

The San Antonio-Express News reports,

“A police detective saw a man look up at the helicopter, go to his car to get a mortar tube and then fire a firework at the craft, Nashville Police said. The helicopter, the Nashville department’s Air One, was flying at about 500 feet Friday night while working a street racing initiative.”

Mortar Style Fireworks: A Popular Weapon for Rioting Leftists

As earlier mentioned, mortar-style fireworks are becoming popular with leftist rioters and arsonists due to their availability and effectiveness, making each day on the job more and more dangerous for law enforcement. The Washington Examiner reported in April that police were assaulted with “industrial-sized fireworks, spray paint, rocks, and other items,” according to the series of tweets from Minnesota’s Operation Safety Net, a coalition of officers dedicated to protecting Minneapolis during the contentious George Floyd trial.”

On that occasion in Brooklyn Center, some 24 people were apprehended. The Post Millennial’s Andy Ngo has also reported similar fireworks being utilized for arson attacks in Portland or to disperse Police lines. It’s become quite a popular tactic with the leftists.




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