Watch as Citizen Goes OFF on Trudeau for Being a ‘Traitor to Canadians’

An angry citizen made his voice heard as Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke to the press regarding a wildfire that devastated the town of Lytton, British Columbia. During the press conference, Trudeau was asked about opening the U.S. border and gave no indication of when the boundary would re-open, a massive controversy as many Canadian businesses depend on commerce with the US. He said,

“Canadians will be able to start fully traveling again if they’re fully vaccinated, and not have to quarantine when they come home.”

He further said he is working “very closely with the United States to make sure that we’re aligned in our approach, keeping both our citizens safe, while ensuring economics opportunities and trade continues uninterrupted, as it has over the past year despite the border being closed to 90 percent of travel.”

According to The Post Millennial, “Trudeau was just summarizing his points in English and starting to repeat them in French when a voice can be heard off-screen in the video.”

A Canadian Citizen Takes A Stand Against Trudeau

The unidentified citizen was difficult to isolate in some of the audio the following quotes could be gleaned from the available video, the man shouted over the top of Trudeau as he reiterated himself in French.

“Buy everybody out. This is bankrupting us. Canada is bankrupt!” The man yelled.

“Every Canadian is suffering, Justin! You’re a traitor to Canadians!” The man said.

“That’s not fair. You’re just thinking of yourself!” He said to Trudeau, “You should be arrested, there should be a warrant out for you!” 

“God’s gonna punish you! If you don’t repent Justin!”

“What about the Chinese spies in Winnepeg?”

“Guys they are gonna arrest this man one of these days.”

Deep State Rabbit Hole reached out to the Host of Americanuck Radio on WBN 324 & MOJO5.0 Mike Filip, Mike who currently hails from Alberta had some choice words about the Prime Minister and disgraced heir of the already dubious Trudeau political dynasty.

“The Statistics have shown that were it not for women, Trudeau would lose bad, bad, bad. His father was the same way.”“You can quote me on this: It doesn’t say very good things about the women’s suffrage movement.”

“It’s kind of like the Canadian Camelot, it’s a Soap-Opera appeal, the Trudeaus are like the Kennedys. Pierre Trudeau and Margaret Trudeau were partying at club 54 in New York they were celebrities.”

“It’s that same energy, they’re famous. It’s like if my team wins the Superbowl, I win. If Trudeau is considered cool on the world stage I am too.”

Neither Filip or the unidentified citizen who heckled Trudeau are alone in holding a bleak view of Trudeau’s performance as Prime Minister, according to the Angus Reid Institute. Since his high point in September 2016, Trudeau’s approval ratings have plummeted and never completely recovered, reaching their lowest in August of 2019 and only rising to 45% as of June 2029.

Since The 2019 General Election Trudeau’s Liberal Party lost their majority and he now presides over a delicate Minority Government with the looming danger of a “loss of confidence supply” vote ever-present. If the repeated instances of Trudeau being shouted down in public are any indication, and the mismanagement and scandals stack up he may not be Prime Minister for much longer.



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