Shocking Report: Owners of SolarWinds Connected

Owners of Solarwinds Connected

The question of who owns SolarWinds has been a concern since the news broke that their systems had been breached.

Research conducted by the Gateway Pundit and one Twitter user have brought concerning details to light. According to that research, “the owners of SolarWinds are related to the Clintons and companies that verify elections in the US.”

On the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), SolarWinds 10K shows that the company was acquired by investment firms Silver Lake and Thoma Bravo in February of 2016. In 2018, the company went public through an Initial Public Offering (IPO):


Prior to taking the company public, the private owners are noted in the company’s most recent annual financials (10K) as Silver Lake and Thoma Bravo.

According to Twitter user Dr. Quigley, “the buyout firm, [Thoma Bravo] who now owns SolarWinds was founded by a Puerto Rican billionaire who contributed over $100k to Clinton in 2016. His name is Orlando Bravo.”

In his second tweet, Quigley revealed that one of Orlando Bravo’s political contributions was “$250k on a democrat PAC,” and included a link to verify the information.

“Thoma Bravo purchased Entrust in 2009 but it appears they sold to Datacard group in 2013. Still looking into this,” Quigley added in a subsuquent tweet.

Thoma Bravo also purchased a company named DigiCert in 2015. DigiCert and Entrust are two companies that verify the elections for at least half of the states in the U.S. According to the research, Entrust is also closely related to a firm named ‘Live Ramp,’ which is located in Shanghai, China.

In his tweet thread, Dr. Quigley also included an article on Orlando Bravo published by the Wall Street Journal:

As the Gateway Pundit concludes: “In summary, Thoma Brava is one of the owners of SolarWinds and it also is connected to the firms that validate elections for at least half the states in the US.”

Dr. Quigley also included research on Silver Lake Partners (SLP), the other group that owned SolarWinds. The co-founder of SLP, Glenn Hutchins, is on the board of ATT, is a former advisor to Bill Clinton, and is currently on the board of the Obama Foundation.

Dr. Quigley also provided information on Glenn Hutchins and his connections to Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and Barack Obama:

He also notes that one of the managing directors of SLP is a Hong Kong billionaire, Kenneth Hao, who also sits on the board of SolarWinds.

The final summary of the research conducted by the Twitter user and the Gateway Pundit concludes that “the owners of SolarWinds are closely related to Obama and the Clintons. They also are heavily in the election business and have relations with companies and individuals in China and Hong Kong.”


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