This is ALARMING…Biden Begins Surrounding Himself…

Biden Cabinet pick Harris Sanders

Joe Biden is packing his administration with deep state swamp creatures and Socialist lunatics. The team also includes several mainstream media analysts. This is the death of America as we know it.

Biden and his deep state cabinet

The mainstream media has been praising Joe Biden for packing his administration with a diverse group of women and minorities. Many of his picks have also worked for Left-wing news outlets such as CNN and MSNBC.

They bragged how “for the first time in history, these positions would be served by women.” These women also have ties to past Democrat administrations as well as mainstream media outlets. These people are the definition of swamp creatures.

Biden announced that Jen Psaki would be appointed as White House press secretary. Psaki worked as President Barack Obama’s State Department spokesperson and then as his White House communications director before joining CNN as a commentator.

CNN anchor Anderson Cooper acknowledged the close ties between their network and Democrat administrations in a recent interview with Psaki. “The election means we have lost another CNN contributor, but by the same token, the Biden team has gained a senior advisor,” Cooper said. Unreal.

Another CNN commentator, Symone Sanders, will serve as Kamala Harris’s chief spokesperson and senior advisor. Sanders is a radical Left-wing racist who hates White people. But if they’re Liberal enough they get a pass. She previously worked as press secretary for Bernie Sander’s campaign.

The DC swamp gets muddy

Karine Jean-Pierre has been named as Biden’s principal deputy press secretary. Prior to joining Biden’s campaign in May, she had to give up her job as a political analyst for MSNBC and NBC News.

Jean Pierre recently worked on several other Democrat campaigns, including Barack Obama’s. She went on to serve as Obama’s regional political director.

The list goes on. Biden’s pick for secretary of state, Anthony Blinken, worked as a CNN analyst and was national security advisor for President Obama.

He also worked for the Clinton administration in the State Department. Zeke Emanuel, MSBNC analyst and brother of Rahm Emanuel, will be joining Biden’s COVID-19 response team.

Barbara McQuade is another MSNBC analyst that will be joining the Biden transition as a part of the Justice Department review team. Can anyone deny that the mainstream media is in bed with the Democrat party? This is madness.


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