Shocking New Big Brother Program Coming to a State Near You

big brother
big brother

New York has recently introduced a chilling ‘surveillance‘ program that should have you a bit worried. Governor Kathy Hochul announced a $75 million allocation for enhanced state security, $25 million of which was designated for security grants and $50 million allocated to local law enforcement.

This money is being used to monitor social media platforms for “hate speech” — an effort that has been met with criticism from conservatives across America who believe it’s an attack on free speech. The most recent example of this is Douglass Mackey, who was convicted by a federal jury for conspiring to deprive people of their right to vote over a meme he posted during the 2016 election in April.

It is clear that the Democratic Party has invented laws to protect its client groups under the rubric of “social justice” with no regard for equal justice under the law. This brings us to our main point: New York should not be allowed to get away with creating a Ministry of Truth that censors opinions deemed unacceptable by the regime.

Every American should speak out against these corrupt and tyrannical officials as they attempt to justify surveillance and censorship while trampling on our Constitutional rights.

If elected officials can’t do the job of making their voters happy, it appears that New York’s government thinks cracking down on their ability to express their unhappiness is the next best thing. They have launched efforts such as ramping up monitoring hate speech online and analyzing data collected from surveillance operations in order “to be able to counter some of the negativity”.

But while Mackey received a seven-month prison sentence Oct 18th, there wasn’t one voter harmed by his meme because it wasn’t even a working number.

We must take any excuse trotted out by these lawless, corrupt, and tyrannical officials with caution when it comes justifying surveillance and censorship. It is also important that we realize social media censorship isn’t always justified or fair since many conservative Americans face hateful speech online but are legally unable to file claims against anyone – thus having no recourse if they want justice served.


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