Shocking Election Fraud Evidence Surfaces Out of Georgia

Shocking Election Fraud Evidence Surfaces Out of Georgia

Shocking election fraud evidence has been discovered in Georgia as investigations of the 2020 election are underway in several states.

Despite Democrats‘ best efforts, investigations and audits of the 2020 election are currently being conducted in several states.

According to new information reported by Georgia Star News, “eighty-five percent of the more than 59,000 absentee ballots deposited in Fulton County drop box locations during the November 3, 2020 elections for which Fulton County officials have provided chain of custody documentation were not ‘immediately transported’ from the drop boxes to the registrar’s designee as the Emergency Rule of the State Election Board for Absentee Voting requires.”

Somehow, these ballots took more than an hour to be delivered to election officials.

Ballot transfer forms that were given to the Georgia Star News by Fulton County officials on May 3, 2021, exactly six months after the 2020 election, show that more than five percent of the absentee ballots “were signed in as accepted by registrar designees before they were picked up at drop boxes.” This is physically impossible, yet it is plainly documented. Was it a simple error, or were these documents forged?

Here is an example of the supposed error in the form:

election fraud

Here is a chart showing the percentage of ballots delivered on time, which would be less than an hour from pickup:

more election fraud chart

Exactly 50,653 of the total 59,042 absentee ballots collected from the drop boxes and signed for by election officials were not “immediately transported.” On some of these forms, the county signed for the transfer over an hour after the ballots were collected, and on others the transfer time wasn’t documented at all.

Just 5,051 of the 59,042 ballots were considered “immediately transported,” as they were transferred to election officials by the collection team in one hour or less. Another 3,353 ballots somehow managed to be transferred to election officials before they were even picked up from the drop boxes.

According to the State Election Board of the Georgia Election Code Chapter 183-1, regarding absentee voting, “The ballots from the drop box shall be immediately transported to the county registrar and processed and stored in the same manner as absentee ballots returned by mail are processed and stored.”

Georgia Star News also reports that Fulton County has failed to provide chain of custody documents for an additional 18,901 absentee ballots that were left in drop boxes during the election.

Election officials also added notes to the transfer forms, including statements, many of which violate the Emergency Rule. Here are some of these notes:

  • “Unlocked box”
  • “1 ballot unsealed”
  • “1 ballot with no envelope upon receiving”
  • “1 Carroll County, 1 Tallahassee, Fla”
  • “1 Henry County, 1 Lawrence County, 1 Lawrenceville, GA”
  • “3 DeKalb Co, 1 (illegible)”
  • “1 Ketwood City Clerk – MI, 1 Orange County”
  • “Unlocked”
  • “8 yellow ballots (Sept), 1 white/yellow (Nov)”
  • “2 – last election”
  • “1 Lawrenceville, GA”
  • “2-Forsyth County, 1-DeKalb”
  • “*Not on route. Did not go to box to collect * Spv Req drop off”
  • “1 unmarked ballot counted as a ballot”
  • “5 – last election”
  • “1 Ballot not in proper envelope”

The documents do not give details as to how these issues were dealt with, or how ballots not in their envelopes were handled.


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