Senators DEMANDING Immediate Justice For Whistleblower


Senators Charles Grassley and Ron Johnson are demanding immediate justice for one of their patriotic whistleblowers. The Just Us Department and Federal Bureau of Instigation suspended Special Agent Steve Friend in retaliation for coming forward with the truth.

Senators demand justice

The letter they wrote demanding justice for one of their sources is described by The New York Post as “blistering.” Grassley and Johnson let Gestapo General Merrick Garland and FBI Chief Instigator Christopher Wray have it with both barrels.

They flat out accuse bureau leadership of “retaliating against a protected whistleblower.” Their letter issues a stern warning that GG Garland and his smirking underling better “step in immediately to shield suspended Special Agent Steve Friend from unlawful reprisals.

Friend stood up for real justice in America by filing a formal complaint, last week, with the DOJ inspector general. All it takes to get suspended is put “FBI wrongdoing in domestic terrorism cases” in writing on an official complaint form.

Grassley and Johnson knew he was going to do it ahead of time. Iowa Senator Grassley ranks on the Judiciary Committee, while Wisconsin’s Johnson has the same job on the Permanent Subcommittee for Investigations. That gives them clout, even if Democrats do control congress.

They didn’t pull any punches when they (rhetorically) “questioned why the FBI suspended Friend without pay last week.” They already knew the answer to that one so went on to demand actual justice. They want to make sure “all other forms of reprisal against him for his protected whistleblowing activity are immediately stopped.

They spelled it out clearly because they know how much Chris Wray likes to play word games with them. Like telling Grassley he had an important plane to catch, then using that plane to go fishing for a long weekend of peace and tranquility in the Adirondacks, far away from nosy senators. Ones asking him why the bureau can only persecute Republicans.

Complete and utter failure

The FBI should immediately cease the disciplinary actions it is actively taking to punish Special Agent Friend for his protected whistleblowing activity,” the senators insisted. They’re supposed to be the “Justice” Department with a capital J but what they really are is the Just Us Department.

These unwarranted actions only serve to chill other employees from reporting wrongdoing, and demonstrate a complete and utter failure by agency leaders to obey the letter and intent of federal whistleblower protection laws.

Apparently, the senators weren’t watching when GG Garland appeared on TV right after the unjustified raid on the home of a former president. Justice is a thing of the past Garland proclaimed. “I really run this country,” he declared in no uncertain terms.

The FBI is totally legal, always. Questioning anything the FBI does is sedition and the punishment for sedition is death.” Grassley and Johnson didn’t get that memo. “The alleged actions by FBI senior leadership are unacceptable and send exactly the wrong message.

The FBI should never suspend security clearances as a form of punishment or to retaliate against patriotic whistleblowers for stepping forward to report potential wrongdoing.” They shouldn’t but they did. They got caught doing it and the whole world can see exactly how biased against real justice the department actually is.

Under federal whistleblower laws, employees of the Federal Government have not only a right but a responsibility to report evidence of potential wrongdoing. That is precisely what Special Agent Friend has done.” No good deed, the saying says, goes unpunished.


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