Rothschild’s Company Facing Criminal Charges


Criminal charges have been filed against the Pacific Gas and Electric Company, which seems to be owned, or at least controlled, by the Rothschild family. There is no dispute that Rothschild Inc. holds the controlling interest in the stock. California’s massive Kincade Fire was sparked by their poorly maintained power lines.

Criminal charges for PG&E

According to question and answer site “Quora,” it’s fairly well settled that yes, PG&E is actually “owned by Rothschild Inc.” Also, “there are many firms that are invested in PG&E (well over 150,) and those firms have many people who own shares of PG&E, but it does appear that PG&E is Rothschild controlled.”

Even with more money than anyone can count behind the scenes, Pacific Gas and Electric can’t seem to either maintain their aging equipment or clear the brush away from power lines. The wacko tree huggers have them afraid of wiping out a squirrel colony or something. Instead they wiped out the humans and now they’re facing charges for it.

In 2019, the Kincade fire “burned through more than 77,000 acres of vegetation in Sonoma County.” There is no doubt that the blaze was “ignited by electrical transmission lines owned and operated by PG&E in northeast Geyserville.”

The preventable fire “destroyed 374 structures, damaged another 60 and caused injuries.” Injuries serious enough to press charges over.

On Tuesday, Sonoma County District Attorney Jill Ravitch filed a whole box full of criminal charges against the utility giant. Twenty eight misdemeanor counts were filed but five more are felonies.

They stand accused of “unlawfully starting a fire which caused bodily injury, unlawfully burning inhabited structures, unlawfully causing a fire which burned forests, and various air pollution crimes.” It’s the air pollution counts they’re most afraid of.

Under scrutiny for years

PG&E shouldn’t be surprised. they have been under a microscope of scrutiny for years for poor equipment maintenance. This isn’t the first time they faced criminal penalties for nearly the same thing. The Rothschild’s don’t seem to care about anything except their currency collection.

Just last summer, they “pleaded guilty to 85 counts, including involuntary manslaughter” charges after starting the “Camp” fire, which went down as “the deadliest blaze in the state’s history.”

Apparently, the utility didn’t learn a single thing. After starting the Kincade fire, they made history again for “the largest evacuation in Sonoma County history.”

When it torched through Healdsburg, Windsor and Geyserville, over 5,000 acres were engulfed within the “first three hours.” A hearing on the new charges is scheduled for April 20 in Sonoma County. This comes at the end of a long and grueling investigation process.

Before filing charges, interviews needed to be done with “dozens of witnesses.” Search warrants were issued and “hundreds of thousands of pages of documents” had to be reviewed. Along with that were endless hours of “consultation with law enforcement and regulatory agencies, as well as independent experts.”

As noted by Ravitch, “I went with others from my team, along with CalFire, to the location in the Geysers where we believe the fire began as soon as it was safe to do so.” Since that time, “we have been working with CalFire and independent experts to determine the cause of and responsibility for the Kincade fire. I believe this criminal complaint reflects our findings.”


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