Hypocrite California Governor Begins Peddling More Communist BS


California Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom is a total hypocrite and everybody knows it. So, it’s no surprise that he just announced more communist bull crap will be handed down by the state’s health department, designed to keep the population indoors and docile until long after January 6 comes and goes, regardless of the outcome in Congress over the final election result.

California stays locked down

All the elite know that Covid-19 is nothing but an excuse to control the population. That’s why they ignore their own orders. Recently, Governor Newsom was caught on camera illegally dining out with his extended family.

He lied about them dining indoors and nobody wore a mask. They were a lot closer than six feet apart. Taking a page from his Aunt Nancy Pelosi, he simply ignores the Covid restrictions. Pelosi notoriously broke California quarantine laws to get her hair done. Laws are for the little people.

Just before the lockdown on Southern California was set to expire on Tuesday, Newsom resurrected the quarantine from the dead. After he looked at the numbers which were to be released later on Monday, he noted it was “likely” he would “extend the current stay-at-home order.”

He’s terrified that someone might catch the flu. “Based upon the data that we will collect today, Dr. Mark Ghaly [deputy director for community health for L.A. County] and his team, likely tomorrow, will announce those stay-at-home orders will be extended.”

It remains to be seen whether he will defy his own orders once again. “Mask wearing, avoiding mixing and the like are critical at this juncture to again make these models moot and to bend this curve and not allow us to be victims of fate.”

The California Governor is horrified that Congress might just toss out the fraudulent election results and validate President Donald Trump as the rightful occupant of the Oval Office. If that happens, his constituents will light the state on fire.

Newsom wants to bend the curve

Now that it’s way to late to stuff the genie back into the bottle, Newsom insists that there is still a way to “bend that curve.” Nearly everyone who contracts the modified flu fights it off in a matter of days, despite the gloom and doom coming from the television screen.

Liberals use it as a form of population control. If you’re gullible enough to believe that a mask will keep you safe, you will believe anything. California lawmaking confirms that.

Newsom gets totally incomprehensible when he babbles, California style, that he wants “to be able to bend that curve by taking actions to mitigate the spread and ultimately expand capacity in our system so that we can weather a very challenging January and a challenging February and look forward to the second quarter of this year with more vaccines and get to the other side of this pandemic.”

The capacity in the system he’s most concerned about is the capacity of his recently defunded police to maintain law and order when California anarchists learn that Joe Biden will be “transitioning” to Guantanamo Bay and that Donald Trump will be in charge another four years, after the Democrats thought they had stolen the election fair and square.


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