RINO’s Challenger Being Targeted by Deep State


Renegade RINO Lisa Murkowski isn’t popular with Alaska voters this year. At least not the Republican ones. The Democrat Deep State loves her and wants to keep her around as a sleeper cell for their cause as long as they can. Somebody went out of their way to engineer a scam scandal by creating controversy out of thin air. Liberals love that trick.

Deep State fishing trip

The Deep State went fishing for a controversy and found one. At least, they thought they did. Somebody lurking in the shadows wanted to give RINO rat Lisa Murkowski an unfair advantage by throwing mud at her popular conservative challenger.

Kelly Tshibaka has a lot bigger chance of winning the next GOP primary than the unmasked Democrat. Somebody thought they broke open the scandal of the century without bothering to get their facts straight first.

It seems that Tshibaka committed the crime of entering a fishing contest. Her heinous offense is that she dared to actually obtain a fishing license before participating in the 2019 Kenai River Classic.

“An investigation into Tshibaka has been completed and turned over to special prosecutors for review.” The Deep State is mortified that she “illegally” obtained a “sport fishing license while serving as commissioner of the state’s Department of Administration.” There is nothing wrong with that.

The Deep State associated accuser blew the whistle on the then Senate candidate of being “technically ineligible for a fishing license at the time.” She only moved to Alaska eight months before.

The liberals were furious she illegally obtained a fishing license because the law clearly states that “residents must have lived in Alaska for at least a year before applying for a fishing license.”

Read it again

Oh really. Democrats would have preferred she went full anarchist and simply disregarded the law completely and gone fishing without any license at all. Even so, the Deep State still doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

Apparently, they never heard of a non-resident license. That’s exactly the kind Tshibaka had. Oops. Back to the drawing board on that engineered failure.

Whoever ratted Ms. Tshibaka out for the Deep State political machine got their facts from the candidate’s website where she notes “she was born in Alaska but later moved.”

She came back in 2019 to join the administration under Governor Mike Dunleavy. She got the invitation to the event “in her official capacity as commissioner.” The liberal Associated Press is already reporting, without evidence, that “Tshibaka faces a fine of up to $300.” The chances of a conviction are nil.

Tim Murtaugh, a Tshibaka campaign adviser told the Deep State to go fly a kite. The “license had been given to Tshibaka by the organizers.” They “asked if she had a current fishing license, and when she said she didn’t, they issued her one.” It was only valid for the day of the event and “only available to non-residents.” That sews it up tight. “This shows clear intent to purchase a non-resident license, not a resident license.”

The controversy still isn’t over. The powers of evil want to milk it for all they can get, even if it is fake news. “Due to the circumstances involved with this investigation, the Alaska Wildlife Troopers requested an independent review of the case by the legal experts at the Alaska Department of Law.” If she wins the election, she’ll be charged with hunting RINOs without a license.


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