Turncoat Deep State RINO Continues to Peddle Lies to the American People

Turncoat Deep State RINO Continues to Peddle Lies to the American People

Just like Democrats, turncoat Republicans seem to think that the rules don’t apply to them. In an interview with Fox News’ Bret Baier, RINO Representative Liz Cheney blatantly lied to the American people about her past statements, obviously believing that she would not be challenged.

During the interview, Cheney denied that she ever helped spread the discredited CIA “Russian bounty” lie.

According to reporter Glenn Greenwald, “That CIA tale, claiming Russia was paying Taliban fighters to kill U.S. troops in Afghanistan, was cooked up by the CIA and then published by The New York Times on June 27 of last year, right as former President Trump announced his plans to withdraw troops from Afghanistan.”

As usual, the story was concocted using “anonymous sources,” a common leftist media propaganda tactic. It was then pushed by pro-war RINOs and Democrats to justify their refusal to let Trump pull our troops out of Afghanistan. Despite her best efforts to claim otherwise, Cheney pretty much led that effort.

Brett Baier plainly asked Cheney about her role in spreading this lie, and her response was exactly what you would expect. “If you go back and look at what I said — every single thing I said: I said ‘if those stories are true,’ we need to know why the President and Vice President were not briefed on them,” the turncoat claimed.

As Baier continued to press her about the issue, she continued to lie and insist she always spoke conditionally about the CIA “bounty” story.


Glenn Greenwald is calling Cheney out. “Liz Cheney, as she so often does, blatantly lied. That she merely spoke of the Russian bounty story in the conditional — ‘every single thing I said: I said if those stories are true’ — is completely and demonstrably false,” he wrote in an article posted to his SubStack.

To justify her opposition to block Trump’s plans to withdraw all of our troops from Afghanistan by the end of 2020, Cheney cited the CIA lie, and there was nothing conditional about her statement. The turncoat claimed that she was “concerned about Russian activity in Afghanistan, including reports that they have targeted U.S. forces,” using this claim as proof that “Russia does not wish us well in Afghanistan.”

Here is the full context of those statements:

“After today’s briefing with senior White House officials, we remain concerned about Russian activity in Afghanistan, including reports that they have targeted U.S. forces. It has been clear for some time that Russia does not wish us well in Afghanistan. We believe it is important to vigorously pursue any information related to Russia or any other country targeting our forces. Congress has no more important obligation than providing for the security of our nation and ensuring our forces have the resources they need.”

In a press conference soon after these statements were made, Cheney explicitly threatened Russia over the CIA’s “bounty” claim. “Any targeting of U.S. forces by Russians, by anyone else, will face a very swift and deadly response,” the RINO stated.


The Bottom Line

Greenwald is right: Like other RINOs in Congress, “Cheney is motivated by power, not ethics.” Luckily, the internet is forever. These aging establishment politicians are not used to having to answer for their past statements.

They are used to the days before everything was captured on video, where they can hold both sides of an argument depending on who they are speaking with. They are also used to having the mainstream media on their side, but that all changed when alternative media began to grow.

Cheney isn’t going to get away with her lies anymore. The turncoat has been removed from her position in House leadership, and hopefully she will lose her next primary election.


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