Police: Man Tried to Kill Dollar General Workers Over Problem with Gift Card


Police don’t even change their facial expressions while reporting to the public that an opportunistic anarchist with an empty gift card did his best to brutally murder the local Dollar General clerks. He even brought a friend to help. We have reached the collapse of civilization. It’s now impossible to go to work and do your job without a team of Black Lives Matter wackos trying to kill you over any perceived petty grievance.

Police are powerless

In the liberal metropolis of Louisville, Kentucky, police have been defunded and demoralized into the role of passive and powerless observer. Violent crime is now so far out of control that even the Assistant County Attorney Kristin Southard is shocked.

On Thursday, December 2, she admitted to the court the “facts and circumstances as alleged” by the paperwork in her brief bag “are quite shocking to say the least.”

The incident happened “just after 2 p.m. at the Dollar General at the intersection of West Oak Street, near South 4th Street.” According to what police have to say, “23-year-old Justice Hall got into an argument with a store clerk over an Uber card he said wasn’t working.”

Probably because there wasn’t any money on it. “When the clerk told him she needed the receipt, he said he’d already gotten rid of it.” In the days of law and order, that would have been the end of it.

The clerks should have donned their body armor and broken out the shotguns the moment Hall and his associate walked out the door. On their way to the exit, Hall ominously warned the female cashier, “I got something for you.”

They didn’t even think about calling 911 because police won’t do anything, anyway. From now on, body armor and assault rifles will be part of the uniform issue, with every Dollar General employee required to wear them at all times, just like the mandatory Covid mask.

More than a dozen rounds

As the DA explained to the judge, the pair of career criminals “went home and got two 9mm handguns and returned within six minutes.” Police note that, having not a single shred of gun control, “they then opened fire on the two female store clerks who were standing outside the store.” Despite firing over a dozen rounds, they missed completely.

“Both clerks had to run and duck for cover. One of the victims had to duck behind a concrete pillar in which projectiles were striking all around her. This victim also was injured due to the glass breaking from the gunfire right next to her.”

Police also report in the paperwork that “several of the rounds narrowly missed the women and went into the store.” For evidence, the “entire incident was captured on video.”

Hall didn’t bother to deny any of it, knowing he’ll be out free soon enough. “When confronted, Hall allegedly admitted to threatening the clerk and firing 13 shots at the women.”

Just for fun, police went ahead and charged him “with two counts of attempted murder.” The judge took the crime seriously enough to set bond at $500,000. As soon as the liberal activist funds cough it up, “he’ll be placed on home incarceration.”

Of course, he’s been sternly warned “to stay away from the store.” Nobody knows who his homie is and it’s not sure if anyone is bothering to find out. “The identity and status of his accomplice was not released.”


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