Kentucky and the Rest of America Get Ready for Civil War

civil war

What happened in Louisville, Kentucky on September 5 matches what’s being seen in the rest of America, as forces of light and darkness are squaring off for civil war. only a few of the bravest horse racing enthusiasts in “the genteel southern city” of Louisville were in the stands for the famous Kentucky Derby. While the “Run for the Roses” was it’s usual “Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports,” the contest going on outside Churchill Downs dragged on all day and upstaged the traditional event.

Kentucky braces for Civil War

Shiny black “body armor and skull-shaped masks” replaced “the traditional colorful hats and natty suits” of the Kentucky Derby this year, as the event became what DailyMail calls “the latest battleground in America’s combustible election year.” It could be the beginning of a civil war. A large contingent of black-clad members, estimated at around 250, of the “Not F-ing Around Coalition” chanted “No justice! No Derby!” as another 250 Militia members in camouflage shouted “Back the Blue!” Thankfully they were in different areas, a couple miles apart, not in each other’s face.

To complicate the situation even further, a unit of Black Lives Matter forces came out to peacefully protest “also armed with rifles and handguns.” The police tried to hide but were forced to provide security for the racecourse. The Antifa-types did get in the faces of the militia members. “The two sides spent 45 minutes jostling and scuffling as they screamed into each other’s faces.” They did their yelling through bullhorns for more emphasis. It’s clear that we’re headed for “full-blown civil war if either side doesn’t get” the election result it wants.

As the African American troops formed columns and marched through the streets, “dressed head-to-toe in black combat clothes and clutching assault rifles and pump-action shotguns,” about two miles away, “so too was a white militia of Trump-supporting ‘patriots’ wearing khaki camouflage gear and equally armed to the teeth.” They were engaged by “Black Lives Matter protesters, some of whom were also armed with rifles and handguns.” Each and every one of them is convinced that civil war is imminent. Unless someone blinks and backs down.

America’s polarized politics

Over the past few years, the sentiment has grown that law and order are being systematically replaced by anarchy, as the Deep State swamp of government corruption makes the rules as they go along. That’s why President Donald Trump was elected. To do something about it. Every single thing he tried to accomplish has been weaponized and turned back against him by the forces of evil who want to maintain the status quo at any cost. All their evil plots failed, and it looks certain that Trump will easily get the votes for a second term, so their last resort is civil war.

civil war

What is starting now as posturing and jostling for political position, could easily boil over to full fledged civil war at any time. Armed protesters and counter-protesters are confronting each other daily and nightly. Conservative Militia forces have been patiently reminding their forces that as long as officially sanctioned police and military troops maintain their legitimate authority, the militia are on standby. When the police cannot or will not exercise that authority, it’s time to rock and roll.

As DailyMail points out, “The risk of carnage is always just a squeezed trigger away.” Both liberal and conservative forces “insist they are turning out only because the other is there.” Both claim Constitutional protection. For now, as long as things stay peaceful, they’re right. The constitution protects every citizen of every color with the right to carry serious weaponry to protect themselves. If either side shoots first, the other side has the right to return fire. That’s how civil wars get started. Militia members won’t start the war, but they’re ready, willing, and able to do their best to end one, if forced into it.



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