Scientist Says Omicron Looks Like Something Vaccinologist Would Design on Purpose


Omicron turns out to be just what the doctor ordered. So much so, that it looks like it was custom designed by a master vaccinologist. While that sounds sinister, it turns out to be really great news. A “Christmas present” from God in disguise.

Omicron really a blessing

According to vaccine designer Dr. Robert Malone, the only way the “Omicron” mutation of Covid could be better, was if it started eating micro-plastic, sort of like the Andromeda Strain mutation in the movie did.

Even if one of the next variants doesn’t accomplish that helpful task, this one is already a miracle.

Dr. Malone isn’t just some quack wandering in off the street. He “helped invent the mRNA technology used in the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines.”

He enlightened viewers of The Ingraham Angle that “omicron may well do what vaccines have not been able to fully accomplish to date.” Specifically, “provide strong immunity.” He explained it rather eloquently, too.

“Omicron blows right through the vaccines and through the triple jab.” That confirms that the vaccines and the mandates were only an illusion. It gets better.

This mutation “is very, very infectious and the data are already in that both the double and triple vaccination is not protecting you.” That turns out to be good news.

Couldn’t be better

After a dramatic pause for effect, “now, here’s the good news,” the doctor declared. “The number of deaths from omicron worldwide is less than 10 to my last count.” In case you don’t get the significance, he adds, “if you believe in a God, this looks an awful lot like a Christmas present.”

Delta and all the previous mutant versions dove deep into patient’s lungs. That “can lead to serious illness.” This strain doesn’t, instead shifting “to the upper airway, indicating that the virus is weakening.”


Since a vaccine is simply a man-made crippled copy of the virus to start with, omicron is a natural vaccine against itself. This variant is both very low disease and highly infectious.

“It looks an awful lot to the experienced vaccinologist like a live-attenuated virus vaccine that you might design for purpose. This is about as good as we could possibly want right now in terms of outcomes.”

“The thing is with omicron, it has a reproductive coefficient — now that’s fancy medical epidemiology talk — but it has a reproductive coefficient with a measure of effectiveness that’s in the range of measles. It’s in the seven to 10 range.”

To put that in perspective, “one infected person will on average spread it to seven to 10 more people.” No mandate required. “We’re all going to get infected.” Monica Gandhi, an immunologist at the University of California, confirms, “I hope this variant creates profound immunity in the population. It will hopefully end the pandemic.”


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