New Details Emerge in Connection With Taliban and ISIS


Some really shocking details suddenly came to light about the cozy relationship the various factions of terrorists have with each other. The Taliban are supposed to be totally in charge of Afghanistan but that’s not what ISIS says.

Taliban using contractors

According to reports coming out in the Sun, experts are afraid that the self-proclaimed head of security at Kabul airport isn’t with the Taliban. He’s also accused of helping the bomber cause madness and mayhem “which killed at least 169 people.” Gee, who would have thought?

He’s technically not ISIS he’s just wired to them with explosives. “Al-Qaeda terrorist Khalil Haqqani, who has links to ISIS-K, is one of America’s most wanted with a $5million bounty on his head.”

Word on the streets of Kabul says that “Khalil al-Rahman Haqqani not only helped the bomber of the Kabul airport” but his team “has been blamed for some of the deadliest terror attacks across the world in recent years.”

That’s how they picked up the “foreign terrorist group” designation. The Taliban doesn’t mind hiring them even though the UN already had sanctions slapped on his unit.

They may hang out with the Taliban but they work on their own. Experts “believe the group is autonomous thanks to their reputation.” Haqqani and his band of merry terrorists “are expected to be powerful players in the new regime.”

The kinder, gentler theocracy has been swearing up and down that they won’t tolerate “terrorists” in their ranks. For some reason, nobody believes them when they’re toting rocket launchers as they say it.

A bounty hunter’s dream

Last week, images of Haqqani “leading prayers for Taliban fighters at a mosque” had bounty hunters drooling. If they could get to him, they could easily haul in a $5 million dollar paycheck.

He feels safe and secure with Joe Biden scrambling to evacuate as many refugees as he can airlift out before the deadline. When August 31 comes, the Americans better be gone. Everyone left behind is property of al-Qaeda.

The New York times has an on the spot reporter who relates Haqqani told the crowd of ululating goat humpers “Our first priority for Afghanistan is security.”

“If there is no security, there is no life.” That’s how the Taliban ended up putting ISIS in charge of security.

It’s no surprise that Haqqani got the job. The Taliban know full well that he made his bones fighting off the Russians with Osama Bin Laden.

“The fearsome group was formed by his brother, Jalaluddin Haqqani, who gained prominence in the 1980s as a hero of the anti-Soviet jihad.


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