Webcam Model’s Crotch Shot Goes Horribly Wrong


The good news is that she didn’t shoot anything important, so this lucky sex-cam model will live to go shopping. Lauren Hunter Daman will be out browsing for a piece of jewelry to show off her new 9mm crotch piercing. Obviously, she didn’t learn a thing from Alec Baldwin’s recent mishap. Firearms are not toys to be played with, especially not in bed.

Shot in the crotch

When her live porn-chat fans requested something special, 27-year-old Georgia webcam model Lauren Hunter Daman thought she could cash in from a freaky crotch shot. Once she had the camera rolling, Daman got to work. So many wanna be gangsters casually stuffed their hair-trigger piece in their waistband, and shot their appendages off, that it’s become cliché. Lauren decided it was time for an equal opportunity.

Before she files an OSHA claim for injury, she might want to consider that she negligently didn’t bother to check if it was loaded before she inserted the handgun into her intimate happy-holster.

Paperwork filed by the police regarding the impromptu crotch piercing is virally making the rounds of the interweb.

Paramedic Brittany Rivers was first on the scene and related to police, when they showed up, that the “female had shot herself in the vagina accidentally.” That’s a new one. It happened “on the morning of November 9, at a residence in Thomaston” according to the Upson County Sheriff.

After interviewing everyone in the house, the police are convinced Daman was “alone in her bedroom” when her crotch got ventilated.

Responding to a 911 call of “accidental gunshot wound,” the deputies met up with Rivers, “who was holding the unloaded handgun and a spent bullet casing in her hands.” They were astounded to learn where it had been. The gun belonged to housemate Jordan Allen.

Reckless conduct

The first thing police wanted to know was where the gun came from. Jordan Allen admitted it was his, and that it had been “in the family for years.” He had been in the kitchen and was walking toward the bedroom in question “when he heard the gun go off.” He dashed in to discover Daman with his gun, no longer in her crotch, and “a small amount of blood” on her leg.” Oops. “she reportedly informed him ‘that she shot herself accidentally’ and apologized.”

That isn’t what she told the cops though. At first she tried to pin the whole thing on him. “Daman provided multiple conflicting accounts of the shooting to police — at one point claiming that the weapon discharged during consensual sex with Allen.” She didn’t stop to think that the whole thing was recorded.

Cody Starnes gave deputies a statement also. He had no clue until “his mother Addie Ruth Johnson came into his bedroom and reported that ‘Daman had been shot.'”

She didn’t tell him where. He found out it was her crotch soon enough. He has a medical background and issued some first aid. It’s not clear if she was live-streaming or recording a video for publishing later. If it was live, someone got an unexpected eyeful.

Once the paramedic patched Daman’s crotch up well enough for transport, they rushed her to the Sheriff’s office where a chopper hauled her off to a hospital in Macon. She was discharged later in the week.

Even though shooting herself in the twat was obviously considered “reckless conduct,” they don’t plan on filing charges. Prosecutors won’t bother with real crimes so why waste the time on charges? Besides, she suffered enough.


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