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Patriots Find Themselves Far From ‘Galt’s Gulch’


To any patriots reading this who consider themselves part of the American resistance movement, I’m not asking but telling you to go to the Grey Wolf Walk Across America For Freedom page and make a donation or buy some merchandise. Anyone who follows this site knows yours truly doesn’t go around saying things like that, so must really mean it. Go make a donation then come back for an explanation why it’s so terribly important. The notice my T-shirts shipped just came in. I’m an official sponsor and I’m blogging this movement as long as it can keep moving.

Patriots at the great divide

Patriots with the Grey Wolf Walk Across America For Freedom may be traversing the Colorado Rockies with Ron Coleman but they’re a far cry from Ayn Rand’s fictional town of “Galt’s Gulch.” In Atlas Shrugged, all the world’s “producers” dropped out of socialist society to hide in a Rocky Mountain paradise for capitalists. That left the useless “moochers” and “looters” to fend for themselves. It didn’t end well.

The exclusive, invitation only town of Galt’s Gulch would have welcomed Ron Coleman with open arms. The vicinity of Steamboat Springs is a totally different story. As he finds himself smack in the middle of enemy territory, running on fumes and frustrated with lack of thronging crowds, nobody can blame Grey Wolf Ron for feeling discouraged. If Americans don’t step up right now and fund his efforts, the last conservative light in our nation is about to go dark.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Ron Coleman, he was part of the “People’s Convoy” delegation of American patriots to congress which totally scared the bejeesus out of the Deep State back in March. As the Earl Conlon inspired #T2SDA movement, which sought to bring in enough big-rigs to circle the beltway three lanes deep, was crushed into the dust, so was the successor group Patriot Freedom Network.

PFN was started by “General” Ernest Lee hauling a little red wagon across America, on foot, just like Ron Coleman is doing now. Lee snowballed his journey into a movement which brought the truckers, bikers, and vets all into Washington at the same time, during the Obama years. At the time, the government was closed for business and Vets weren’t even allowed to visit the memorials they fought for. That movement was inevitably crushed. The trucks didn’t circle the beltway that day, but Coleman brought them back this year. They weren’t three lanes deep but they caused quite a ruckus.

Ron Coleman and the patriots traveling with him have just passed the major milestone of America’s Continental Divide. The Grey Wolf Walk Across America For Freedom is on the verge of fizzling out due to laziness and apathy. Not Ron’s, YOURS! America is just as divided in so many ways. Conservatives can’t even band together to stand up for one last ditch fight for FREEDOM.

If Coleman can’t get enough support to get him past Fort Collins, you might as well kiss the last shreds of your freedom goodbye. That will mean that Americans have given up and surrendered to the forces of evil New World Order darkness. YOU could be the one to make the difference on what kind of America your children will grow up in.


Give up and eat insects

If Conservative Americans can’t have their voices heard by the people who are elected to represent them, we might as well just let all the illegals in, hand the farm land to Bill Gates and the Chinese and have everyone eat bugs. Patriots like Ron Coleman are few and far between these days.

What he really needs is every patriot in the vicinity of Walden and Fort Collins to come join him and tell him how much he’s appreciated. He needs to have folks lining the overpasses with flags and lining the parade route. Show America you care about FREEDOM.

The core purpose of the Grey Wolf Walk is to act as a modern “Pony Express.” Ron is carrying messages from ordinary Americans to Congress. You can get the details behind why he’s doing it from the website.

From time to time along his journey he’s been handed messages and he relates that the ones which move him the most are the handwritten ones in crayon which come from kids along the way. He’s amazed at the intelligence and involvement of today’s young patriots.

The most recent stop in Steamboat Springs, Colorado turned out to be a huge challenge. The mountain peaks made reception nearly impossible to get a live stream out. Once a signal was established the sleepy town full of tourists was spooked by a guy with an American flag on his sun hat and a camera rig. They scurried away like the liberal rats they are.

One of the things that gave those of us who were watching a chuckle, two women who were obviously not MAGA type patriots, and never heard of Ron or the People’s Convoy had a message for Ron to deliver to their reps in congress. A reminder that, hey, they’re supposed to work for us? Right? Why aren’t we a “special interest?” If you made it this far and still haven’t donated, you deserve the impending collapse. Thank you for your support.



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