Patriot Pony Express Stages For Summit in Steamboat


Ron “Grey Wolf” Coleman chugged most of the way up the western slope of the Rockies with his Pony Express pouch and is getting set to summit the great Continental Divide. The rocky mountains aren’t the only thing dividing our nation right now but Coleman is doing his part to pull it back together. If you want to help, or just want to have your voice heard in Washington, now is the time to show your support. It’s the duty of every American who considers themselves a “patriot” to stand up and be counted. Take a walk alongside the Grey Wolf for a mile or two and it will send a message to Washington. One far too loud to be censored or suppressed.

The Pony Express rides again

Right now, Ron Coleman and his entourage are set up at the Concordia Lutheran Church in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. On Sunday, September 18, he’ll be meeting with supporters after services there. Check the website for details. From there, he’ll make his final ascent of the great Rocky Mountains and it’s all down hill from there. The Pony Express idea isn’t some cheesy marketing trick to separate unwary people from their hard earned money.

It started with a handwritten note in crayon from a child, which had everyone who watched it being read to Senators practically in tears. That message had quite a history. Last February, Ron Coleman was driving the second truck to pull into the meeting place at Adelanto, California, for the People’s Convoy to Washington.

The whole idea this past spring was to raise awareness of what We the People need to do in order to get our nation functioning properly again. All along the route, like a pony express rider, he collected news of the situation in the heartland. He eventually got his chance to deliver it in the Capitol. Laws are being ignored instead of enforced while the New World Order globalists are insidiously grabbing total control.

Coleman was one of the We the People delegates who met with senators and congressmen in March, to talk about what is going on in this country. The senators listened, Cruz and others even visited the campground in Hagerstown, Maryland. House members scurried around like mice trying to hide from the camera. They didn’t want anyone to know just how impotent they were, crushed under Nancy Pelosi’s thumb.

We the People were crushed that time, too. As Coleman explained on September 8, to Matt Wilber from 98.5 The Fox in Vernal, Utah, by the time the convoy ended, they had accomplished much but it didn’t attract enough people to “be able to move the needle.

They may have been disrupted but Ron Coleman wasn’t ready to give up. It was time he said to go home and think things through. He returned to Reno and was soon hit with a flash of inspiration. That child’s note was something he couldn’t get out of his mind and the Grey Wolf Pony Express was born. Supporters sent him replica 1860’s style express bags and burlap sacks for when they get full.

Slow enough to talk to people

During his hiatus in Reno, he had the flash of insight that circling the beltway at 45 miles per hour might get noticed enough to make change happen, driving across America is just a road trip. That’s why he started walking. Do the journey at two miles per hour talking to people. He could actually gather their letters and notes just like a pony express rider and dump them on our elected representatives.

The whole idea, he reasoned, is getting people together and raise awareness and it seems to work really well. On July 2, Just ahead of the big American Independence Day, Ron Coleman left his home in Reno for Carson City, the capitol of Nevada.


His plan was to walk from his state capitol to our nation’s capitol, across the heartland of America. Facing the fact that he isn’t getting any younger and the whole thing won’t do much good if he doesn’t get there, he decided that walking through hundred mile stretches of empty desert is counter productive.

Instead, this pony express carrier rides from town to town, then walks through the populated places. “Write down all your letters, post cards, and kid’s crayon notes,” Coleman requests. “Especially the kid’s notes.” The amount of emotion he sees tied to the crayon notes is incredible.


Anyone wishing to volunteer as a “community ambassador” can round up their neighbors and hold a community walk. If you don’t have a message for the Grey Wolf Pony Express, you can still get your voice heard by taking a walk for freedom. It doesn’t need to be a long walk. A few blocks or a couple of miles allows an entire village to come out, show support and tell the rest of America on livestreamed coverage exactly how they feel about the way things are being run.

Everyone can share their opinion. If you love Joe Biden and think things are going swell, that’s wonderful and America gives you the right to say that. Ron is convinced, from what he’s already heard, that comments like that are few and far between. It’s time for our lawmakers to start listening to the ones they’re supposed to. After all, they work for us.


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