Oversight Heavyweight GRILLS Hunter Biden’s Financial Adviser


The highest ranking conservative on the House Oversight Committee turned the heat up really high, to scorch Hunter Biden’s financial adviser with burning questions. While Kentucky lawmaker James Comer would have preferred to be interrogating the witness under oath in a committee hearing, that can wait for another day. All Edward Prewitt has to do, for now, is come up with answers to a letter asking “about transactions linked to the first family’s foreign business dealings.” You know, those ones which “were flagged as suspicious by U.S. banks.

Oversight of Biden family finances

Conservative Republicans have been hammering the oversight committee to start earning their keep. Since nobody can get any information out of the Treasury Department on the issue, Rep. Comer decided to go straight to the source.

The New York Post got their hands on a copy of his recent letter and published it on Wednesday, July 27.

The letter begins by spelling it out slowly and carefully. The oversight committee already knows that “more than 150 transactions from the Bidens’ business dealings have been flagged by U.S. banks through filings of Suspicious Activity Reports to the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network.

By now it’s common knowledge in the public that “text messages show that Hunter Biden was aware of these SARs and took steps to avoid detection in his financial dealings.” Since nobody wants to hand those reports over for an audit, maybe Prewitt can shed some light on the issues.

After all, Comer reminds the accountant, “Republicans on the committee have reviewed information showing that Prewitt was advising Hunter Biden on the transactions that caused the banks’ misgivings.

Oversight means the legal ability to look over people’s shoulders so that’s what Rep. Comer is doing. “As Hunter Biden’s financial adviser, you are in a unique position to know how these transactions originated and why they were flagged by U.S. banks.” Cough it up. Or, as the Post puts it, “Comer is demanding answers.

From America’s adversaries

Democrats on the Oversight Committee don’t seem to care but Republicans do. The conservative faction has been “investigating the scandal-scarred first son’s domestic and foreign business relationships and any effort to benefit from his father President Biden’s influence.

As of now, they’re convinced that the reports of the reports raise “serious questions about what these transactions were for and whether money was transferred to the Biden family from America’s adversaries.

It makes them really suspicious when they can’t see the suspicious activity the son of the alleged president was up to, but the press can. Oversight officials have to rely on what’s coming from the news and that smells pretty fishy.

As Comer describes, “Prewitt and his firm managed the accounts of the first son’s businesses, including Owasco PC, Owasco LLC, Skaneateles, and Rosemont Seneca Advisors, as well as Hudson West.” The whole world knows that the company “has been used in transferring millions of dollars to Hunter and James Biden from CEFC, a company that’s effectively an arm of the Chinese Government.

For years now, everyone, even the liberals, have been reporting “extensively on Hunter Biden’s overseas business dealings.” Ukraine, Russia, China. Funny how we’re hearing more and more news about those nations all the time. Hunter really should have gone back to pick up that laptop, the Oversight Committee implies.

Senator Chuck Grassley, who happens to be the ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, is working with a stable full of whistleblowers who “have accused the FBI and the Department of Justice of burying ‘verified and verifiable‘ dirt on Hunter Biden by rejecting actionable intelligence as ‘disinformation.” Prewitt can dispel all that disinformation by simply handing over all the receipts.


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