SHOCKING: Treasury Department Caught Hiding Hunter Biden’s Red Flags


When Kentucky Congressman James Comer wanted the Treasury Department to hand over any “suspicious activity reports” they had against Hunter Biden to his House Oversight and Reform Committee, the administration refused. The media already knows about them but officials only tell Congress to go fly a kite.

Treasury covering Biden crimes

At the very least, the Treasury department has been “stonewalling” requests powerful lawmakers have made into “the business dealings of [alleged] President Biden’s son Hunter Biden.” The top conservative on the House Oversight and Reform Committee is flabbergasted at the way Biden’s handlers are suddenly changing the rules.

Despite Treasury’s assertion in the press that it ‘provides SARs to Congress in a manner that enables robust oversight,’ Treasury is refusing to release SARs connected with Hunter Biden or his family and associates — including the [alleged] President.” At least, that’s what James Comer said in a letter to Minister of High Finance, Janet Yellen. on July 6.

The controversy started on June 13 with a a phone call from committee staff issuing a verbal request to hand over the reports. The Treasury department went all Nancy Reagan and just said “no.” Such flat denial was an outrage.

The American people deserve to know” if His Imperial Wisdom’s connections to Hunter’s influence peddling schemes “occurred at the expense of the United States’ interests.” Worse, they might “represent a national security threat,” Representative Comer wrote. The Russians or the Chinese or both may be holding blackmail over the head of Joe Biden.

Ever since Joe kept dragging Hunter along with him and big ears Barry on jaunts to places like China and Ukraine, the arrangement has been “closely scrutinized.” Ever since the Obama years, “accusations of nepotism and influence peddling have swirled around Mr. Biden as he and others in the Biden clan made a fortune in far-flung enterprises.

The Treasury Department allegedly has all the paperwork to prove it, but unsurprisingly, won’t cough it up. They used to without question. Then again, Pluto used to be a planet, too.


Lawyers guns and money

Hunter Biden, some older American’s chuckle to themselves, was the guy Warren Zevon was singing about in “Lawyer’s, Guns and Money.” Dad, get me out of this. Once again, “the $hi+ has hit the fan.” To Hunter, the crisis was usually something along the lines of “the fed seized my hooker money again.

Those “red flags” should have been, and were, reported on little Treasury Department forms called “suspicious activity reports.” The Ministry of Justice is supposed to be “investigating Hunter Biden for suspected crimes involving taxes, money laundering and acting as an unregistered foreign agent.” They want those too.

The last letter Mr. Comer wrote to Janet Yellen, asking for Hunter’s SARs, “cited media reports claiming that ‘more than 150 of Hunter Biden and the Biden network’s international business transactions have generated suspicious activity reports by U.S. banks for further review by the Treasury Department to determine if there is illegal activity or a threat to national security.’” Out of 150, her department handed over zero. None are coming in the near future.

The Treasury Department used to provide these reports to Congress, but the Biden Administration has restricted access to them, raising questions about a possible effort to hide the Biden network’s suspicious business dealings,” he typed back in May.

When the latest letter landed on Yellen’s desk with a thump and went no further, Comer teamed up with conservative firebrand Jim Jordan and House Minority Leader Keving McCarthy to take out an Op-Ed in the New York Post.

In their letter to the American public, the testy trio vowed to investigate Hunter Biden’s “shady business dealings” should Republicans win the majority in this year’s midterm elections. The Treasury Department is on notice that once a Republican majority is secured, they’ll be “committed to uncovering the facts the Democrats, Big Tech and the legacy media have suppressed.” Hang on baby, November’s coming.


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