Officials Are SCRAMBLING While Threat Looms Over…


Imperial Palace officials are scrambling to find ways of moving critical but security sensitive freight when the rail companies go on strike. Even if they don’t go on strike, the critical cargo has already been side tracked. Planes, trucks and barges are being thrown around as the obvious solutions.

Threat of rail strike looms

There is a law which says security critical freight can’t be left abandoned along rail sidings. What can’t be warehoused has to be shipped by air or truck. In rare cases, barges can be used.

Propaganda minister Karine Jean-Pierre confirmed on Tuesday that the “administration is scrambling to establish a clear contingency plan in the face of a looming mass railroad workers strike.” Chlorine to clean municipal drinking water, fertilizer, and other potential explosives have to be locked away.

Jean-Pierre told America that they’re begging “truckers and air shippers to assist should rail service cease” If they won’t help voluntarily, Imperial Leader Joe Biden is “considering invoking emergency authorities.” We already have enough emergency powers trampling on our freedoms, which is exactly why Ron “Grey Wolf” Coleman is on a Walk Across America for Freedom. You may remember him from the People’s Convoy which circled the beltway this spring.

He was part of the delegation which met with senators and lawmakers in the Capitol Building. He may be the only one left, but he’s not giving up. Be sure to tune in to the livestream on Friday, September 16, from Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Details are developing at their website. This could turn out to be one of those Atlas Shrugged John Galt type moments in American history.

At this moment, the Imperial Palace looks like a sack full of squirrels as the “administration is hosting daily interagency meetings to assess which supply chains and commodities are at highest risk.” The problem is that they all are at the highest risk.

We are working with other modes of transportation including shippers, truckers and air freight to see how they can step in and keep goods moving in case of this rail shutdown.” They’re looking, but they aren’t finding.

Severe disruptions

Nobody in the whole regime has the slightest clue what to do if the truckers and air cargo carriers can’t move the rail goods. Instead they’re already working on damage control to list “what supply chains and commodities are most likely to face severe disruptions.

Joe warned the railroads that a strike is intolerable but the workers didn’t get that executive order. “A shutdown is unacceptable and will hurt American workers, families and businesses” Joe proclaimed. That’s why the carriers “must take action to avert it.

The rail workers love to hear that. It means that Joe just ordered the companies to cave in and pay up to their every demand. That makes them certain to dig in harder and not budge an inch until all their whims are satisfied.


We have made crystal clear to the interested parties the harm that American families, businesses, farmers and communities would experience if they were not to reach a resolution.

On Monday, September 12, railroads “stopped accepting shipments for hazardous materials such as chlorine and chemicals used in fertilizer so they are not stranded in unsafe locations if rail traffic stops.” Things are about to get ugly. Off in the distance, one third of FedEx Ground drivers are facing extinction by Thanksgiving.

Meanwhile, our “energy sector relies on railroads to move coal, crude oil, ethanol and other products.” If the strike hits Friday, as scheduled, even a partial shutdown “could freeze almost 30% of U.S. cargo shipments, stoke inflation, impede supplies of food and fuel, cost the U.S. economy about $2 billion per day and cause transportation woes.” That’s one more reason why it’s so important to follow the Grey Wolf.


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