Strzok Rats To Save His Own A**


If the claim of investigative reporter Adam Housley is true, Deep State rat Peter Strzok is squealing to John Durham about all of his Obamagate co-conspirators in order to save his own backside. Since he was involved in both the key probe into Hillary Clinton’s secret email server and the Obamagate coup plot, some high ranking Obama administration officials are getting really nervous.

Strzok is the key to everything

Peter Strzok would qualify as the biggest key witness against all the higher-ups in Barack Obama’s Federal Bureau of Instigation. He was also tightly connected to the all the alphabet agencies in the intelligence community. He also interfaced directly with the Oval Office. The rogue operative wrote the language that downgraded Hillary Clinton’s crime to a simple mistake and was in on the ground floor of the entire Russia collusion hoax.

Along with Andrew Weissmann, Peter Strzok personally started the anti-Trump Crossfire Hurricane mission. The DOJ branch of the Hillary Clinton Fan Club “used the Brennan Mifsud frame job of George Papadopoulos and the Steele Dossier to obtain fraudulent FISA warrants,” Commdiginews relates, based on Housley’s tweets. “Being told that Peter Strzok is talking with investigators,” the investigator tapped out, following up with, “Multiple sources: Strzok is working with investigators. He isn’t the only one.”

That means that other agents, attorneys, intelligence officials, and other administrators are throwing each other under the bus in exchange for leniency. Strzok is the soft and squishy type who likes more than one woman at a time, even if one belongs to someone else. He won’t do well behind bars. He’s ready to throw anyone to Durham if it means he gets a better deal. His undercover lover, Lisa Page, already had the same idea and started cooperating with Congress last year.

All the household names

If Peter Strzok rolls over, he’s going to take out household names like James Comey, Andrew McCabe, and Bill Priestrap. That’s just for openers. There is a lot he could say to rat out John Brennan and James Clapper. Their conveniently fictitious Intelligence Community Assessment that said Trump was colluding with Russia “was literally written by Strzok and Brennen,” not 17 intelligence agencies as officially alleged.

Most importantly, Strzok could finger Barack Obama himself, shedding “crucial light on what Obama knew and when he knew it. Or more precisely, what did Obama order, and when did he order it?” Not only was Obama spying on the Trump campaign, allegedly, “his illegal Oval Office spying operation under Brennan and Rice had been using NSA surveillance technology to systematically spy on American citizens for years.”

That’s precisely why the “unmasking” of General Michael Flynn was so important. By then, “they were unmasking people routinely.” That way, they could selectively leak information to the press. As Housley previously tweeted, “My opinion here, as I’ve said from day one, this crosses party lines. I know the MAGA crowd focuses on the President, but this started waaaaay before he ever came down the golden escalator.” If Strzok doesn’t want to go away for a long, long, time, he better squeal like a rat pretty darn loud. Otherwise, he’ll squeal like a pig once his cellmate gets hold of him.


  1. Hey promise him anything just like Joseph Valachi and give him life. When they questioned him the first time he looked like the devil`s culprit. Nothing was going to take him down not even Kyptonite? Hillary gave him one of her pills to pull it off


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