Moments After Being Sworn in…Soros Backed Leader INSTANTLY Begins Radical Agenda

Soros District attorney Los Angeles California George Gascon

George Gascon was just sworn in as the new Los Angeles District Attorney. The George Soros backed DA immediately ended the use of cash bail for most crimes and also blocked prosecutors from seeking the death penalty in new cases. California is going down the tubes fast.

Soros backed district attorneys

If you thought Los Angeles was already a crime infested dump full of villains, just wait until you see what George Gascon has in store for the City of Angels.

Gascon won his election for District Attorney with the help of millions of dollars from George Soros as well as California’s Left-wing establishment and Black Lives Matter. He’s wasting no time in pushing his Leftist agenda on the people.

Gascon announced sweeping policy changes on his first day in office. He will end the use of cash bail in the country’s largest court system and ban his prosecutors from seeking sentencing enhancements in nearly all cases.

The DA’s office claims enhancements such as gang enhancements or three strikes laws exacerbate racial inequalities and unnecessarily crowd jails. Great, so just let these gang members and repeat offenders roam free on the streets of LA. What could possibly go wrong?

Gascon will bring an end to misdemeanor prosecutions of most first-time, nonviolent offenders. He will also block prosecutors from seeking the death penalty in new cases and end the practice of trying juveniles as adults.

The new policy will be retroactive, and the DA’s office estimates there are 30,000 cases eligible for re-sentencing.

Lefties destroying America

Many of the 1,200 deputy district attorneys serving under Gascon are criticizing the drastic moves, as they were taken without any input from the office he his now set to oversee.

George Soros has been quietly overhauling the American justice system. He’s been spending millions of dollars through his various organizations to help elect radical Left-wing District Attorneys across the country. Their plan is obvious. They aim to completely destroy society then rebuild America into their own Socialist utopia.


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