Michael Flynn Reveals The Target

Michael Flynn Reveals The Target

General Michael Flynn, President Trump’s former National Security Advisor, made some interesting remarks on Sunday in an interview on Fox News.

Speaking to Maria Bartiromo, host of “Sunday Morning Futures” on Fox News, General Michael Flynn said that he believes he was the target of “political persecution” by the FBI.

“My persecution was a political persecution and that’s really clear and the evidence has come out in spades. Basically it was a get Flynn to get Trump direction,” Flynn said.

The former National Security Advisor was discussing an MSNBC interview of former FBI Director James Comey, who was speaking about Flynn’s interview at the White House, where he was interrogated without a lawyer present.

“Nobody else was there. They interviewed him in a conference room at the White House Situation Room and he lied to them,” Comey said in the video.

Bartiromo asked Flynn for his opinion on Comey’s comments.

“Yeah, a big ‘ha ha moment’ for Cardinal Comey. What an arrogant smug person that he is, so that’ll be my last comment about him,” the former U.S. Army General said after watching the segment.

“The culture and the behavior that was developed or allowed or enabled under the previous administration in elements of the Department of Justice, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the United States intelligence community and other parts of our institutions is outrageous. The culture and that behavior has to change. It has to be corrected,” Flynn continued, later clarifying that the culture promoted by the previous administration was a “kind of smugness and arrogance and basically a holier than thou attitude within our government institutions.”

“America deserves accountability. We deserve accountability [from] these bureaucrats and appointed officials in our government,” he added.

Michael Flynn, who has been active in President Trump‘s efforts to expose voter fraud and irregularities in the 2020 election, recently signed a petition from the non-profit group “We The People Convention” which said that there was “no peaceful way left to preserve our Union” if Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is inaugurated.

Flynn also said that President Trump needs to intervene and use his “extraordinary authority” in order to prevent another civil war.


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