ICYMI: Rush Limbaugh Drops the Mic on Fox News

Rush Limbaugh Drops the Mic on Fox News

Talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh is fighting for Trump supporters and other conservatives against a newfound enemy, one which recently turned on its base: Fox News.

Fox News has turned on its loyal viewers in the past few months. Conservatives have seen this as an ongoing process, watching anti-Trump sentiment growing among the media elites at Fox.

“You do not turn on your base. You do not turn on your audience, unless you’ve had some kind of — you just don’t — you don’t do it for the sake of the approval of your enemies. You don’t turn on the people who got you where you are because you would rather be friends with other people. You just don’t do it. And that appears to be what’s happened here,” Limbaugh said.

The wildly popular talk-radio host then turned to an issue most conservatives have understood for years: the fact that the left-wing mainstream media has been trying to destroy conservative and alternative media for years. The left has made it their mission to destroy Fox News, and any other news outlet that doesn’t push the Democrat narrative.

“The media has been desperate to blow up talk radio and Fox News. They’ve wanted to blow up Fox News ever since Fox News was founded and created… Why is it do you think — it looks like they may be having some success now in blowing up Fox. I mean, you’ve got the wife of one of the Murdoch brothers tweeting out: We did it, we did it, we got rid of Trump, we did it… So it looks like they may be succeeding in turning portions of Fox against its base,” said Limbaugh.

Recently, Fox News has begun to bend to left-wing pressure, spew Democrat talking points, and ignore serious irregularities in the November election. The news outlet has also followed the rest of the mainstream media in declaring Joe Biden president-elect, despite the fact that the Electoral College will not vote until December 14, and many states have yet to certify their election results.

“If the people running Fox succeed in destroying the distinction that Fox has from the rest of the media, they’re gonna destroy Fox. If they are successful in taking away from Fox the things that distinguish it and make it appear different from the rest of the Drive-By Media, what do you think’s gonna happen?” Limbaugh said.

“The reason they have not been able to do this with talk radio is we do not stab our audience in the back. We do not turn on our base. We remain principled and consistent. From me on down to everybody who does this on the conservative side, we are not apologetic. We do not seek the approval of people that don’t like us,” Limbaugh concluded.


  1. Rush is right. I have recently stopped watching the Fox station as much as I used to. There are definitely some saboteurs among the reporters. They allow lies to go unanswered when guests spout out. I’m afraid they are going to lose quite a bit of their following.

  2. What is it anybody connected with the socialist Democratic party doesn`t have to show up at a hearing? You Republicans afraid to subpoena people anymore. You chick scheit cork suckers. They are taking our country away from us. It`s how wars get started when you do nothing.

  3. Amen, Rush Limbaugh. Perfectly stated. Bye-bye fox news.

    Fox, you have been added to my boycott list along with every sport, Leftwing actors/actresses/comedians/sports personalities, vagina hat wearers, local and main stream media over the air so called journalists, anything from the Chicoms, anti-Christian, anti-2nd amendment, anti-police, a number of Left wing hate organizations, those who are pushing Globalism and those pushing for One-World Order.

    With everything that’s been going on, and all the information out there for people to educate themselves on, those who believe that anyone on the Left is honest and wanting unity needs to open their eyes and ears, pay attention too what’s actually happening and being said. Educate yourselves while actual information hasn’t yet been censored.

    There are some on the Left that are sticking with them that I can not understand why. They talk about how they have been left behind. The Left has drastically changed, not so much changed as , now they’re more open about their true intentions. If you’re a member of the Left, and for some reason want to stay with them but don’t like where your party is headed, you need to stand up and voice your opinions and try to enact change. If you don’t for fear of retaliation or something similar, perhaps you should move on. either way, wake up or shut up. Your silence is simply allowing the zit to fester.

    We are the United States of America. We are constantly improving yet remain tied to our roots. We have done more for the world than any other country and continue to make life better. We do not seek or need outside interference.

  4. Rush is 100% correct! I’ve been a loyal Rush Limbaugh and Fox news supporter ever since both came on the air. For Rush that’s over 30 years, Fox is more like 15 years. Fox is changing and its obvious to all conservatives.

  5. Rush is 100% correct. My marketing professor in college told us repeatedly that to be successful a business had to establish a niche and stick with it. He emphasized you can’t beat the competition by looking like everybody else. Fox had such a niche established by the founders of Fox News, and now they have destroyed it. I once worked in a radio station in a rather large market where we had a format that was different from five other stations that catered to the same audience. The general manager kept telling me we should sound like the other stations, and I advised against it. At the time we were very successful. I left the station and he changed the format. In less than a year the station was bankrupt.

  6. I stopped listening to Fox when junior took over. That was the beginning of the end. All that is “left” is to stop advertisers from using them which won’t take long. All air personalities better start looking for other jobs if those that are ‘Left”, leave.


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