California Sheriff: ‘The Public Should be in a Panic’

California Prisoners released COVID Judge Sheriff

A California court just ordered a crowded Orange County Jail’s inmate population to be reduced by half out of concern for COVID-19 safety. 1,800 violent inmates are set to be released. California is going down the tubes quick!

California jail releasing criminals due to COVID

If you already thought California was a dump full of Lefties, wait until you hear this. An Orange County judge wants to release thousands of violent criminals from the county jail due to COVID-19 concerns. So let’s get this straight. California is releasing violent prisoners, and arresting business owners, all because of COVID-19. How does this make any sense? Hmm… It seems like some kind of evil plot to destroy the country.

The local sheriff is sounding the alarm on the ridiculous ruling, which orders the crowded Orange County Jail’s inmate population to be reduced by half. “These aren’t low-lying offenders, these are people in for very serious offenses: murder, attempted murder, domestic violence,” Sheriff Barnes told reporters.

The judge ruled that conditions in the jail do not permit proper social distancing. The population in the jail is 3,716 inmates and the judge ordered that it be reduced by 50%, which means 1,858 inmates would be released.

California Judge Release Prisoners COVID sheriff

Democrats destroying the state

“Of just those who are medically vulnerable based on CDC guidelines, that’s 700 inmates in our care,” Barnes said. “There are 59 of them in for murder, another 39 for attempted murder, and 90 of them in for child molestation and a litany of other violent crimes.” Wow. So in order to keep prisoners safe from COVID, they are going to release these dangerous criminals back into the public. This is Left-wing California logic right here.

Barnes went on to say, “If this judge is going to order the release of individuals entrusted in my care who I believe present a significant threat to the public, he will have to identify each one of those by name and order their release pursuant to his authority, not mine.”


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