Massive Strike Looms Over Contract Deal Failure


The big rail deal brokered by Joe Biden, which everyone has been biting their nails over, just went down in flames. That means a nasty strike is looming on the horizon just in time for the holidays. Everyone across the industry is frantically phoning their colleagues, in a desperate last minute attempt to break the stalemate. The big sticking point is better working conditions.

Paralyzing rail strike pending

As reported by the Washington Post, one “of the largest railroad unions narrowly voted to reject a contract deal.” Specifically the one “brokered” by the Imperial Palace.

That, they warn, is “bringing the country once again closer to a rail strike that could paralyze much of the economy ahead of the holidays.” The word was handed down on Monday, November 21.

Throwing more money at the rail workers helped but that wasn’t what they’ve been complaining about, all along. What they want, and the suits refuse to even consider, are better working conditions. Much better.

They’re tired of dying while they wait for needed time off to see a doctor. More money isn’t going to help them get the rest they need to stay safe or allow them a social life required to stay sane.

Until now, the disgruntled rail slaves have been forced to remain on the job. A strike was averted earlier in the year when Joe Biden stuffed a plan down their throats, along with another mandatory waiting period. Time’s up.

The union SMART Transportation Division voted the deal down by 50.9 percent, the union said.

Strike scheduled for December 5

Experts believe a national train strike “could happen as early as December 5.” That, they advise, “would threaten the nation’s coal shipments and its supply of drinking water, while shutting down passenger rail and shipment of goods as the holiday season revs up.

Joe Biden and his communist economic planners can factor in loss of tax revenue as the “U.S. economy could lose $2 billion a day.” Each and every day that the workers stay down.

Needless to say, tensions are at the artery popping level “between unions and companies across a variety of sectors.” The big rail carriers are terrified they’ll have to provide “better working conditions, more sick pay and more flexible schedules.

That means more workers. They thought they could avoid hiring enough relief crews to triple up the payroll by overpaying the overworked ones to work three times harder. It isn’t working.

Also in total panic mode are the handlers of Joe Biden. They’re well aware that “a shutdown of the nation’s transportation infrastructure heading into the holiday shopping would spell a political disaster.” According to the Ministry of Propaganda, Joe has “said from the beginning, a shutdown is unacceptable because of the harm it would inflict on jobs, families, farms, businesses and communities across the country.

That seems to imply he will wave his imperial pen and make them keep working by palace decree. “Under the Railway Labor Act of 1926, Congress can intervene in the case of a railway strike to impose a contract on the railroads to block or stop a rail strike.” If that doesn’t fly, he can just declare another state of emergency. It will be interesting to see how well the trains roll if that happens.


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