MASSIVE Bust at the Border Puts Biden Team Against the Ropes


The border patrol has some really high tech gadgets these days and the tools allowed them to make a huge meth bust in Texas. They seem to be working as hard as they can while they’re still allowed to enforce the law as long as we have a border. Imperial Leader Joe Biden and his open frontier policies have been taking a beating with illegals dying by the dozens. There’s been one failed smuggling operation after another.

Massive bust on the border

While the border patrol is in danger of being defunded, Big Brother really likes the technology they use and before you know it, the x-rays and cameras will be deployed everywhere without you even knowing they are there.

Don’t even think about carrying around anything you shouldn’t. They’ll bust you before you even know you were scanned.

Last week, agents working the port of entry set up on the World Trade Bridge between Texas and Mexico snagged a whopping $24 million worth of liquid crystal methamphetamine in one bust.

They did it with the help of high tech X-ray scanners. The 2014 Kenworth tractor coming across from Mexico looked like all the rest and the documents the driver carried listed the shipment as “acrylic paint.” The machines weren’t fooled.

When the diesel pulled up to the gate, it got flagged over for a routine sniff by the dogs and, more importantly, “non-intrusive imaging system inspection.” That’s how they learned that 28 of the containers weren’t filled with paint.

It turns out the bust netted exactly “1,234 pounds of alleged meth.” The police figure it’s worth an estimated street value of $24,691,520 but aren’t saying if that’s retail or wholesale.

The streets of Laredo

Special agents with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement-Homeland Security Investigations unit will be handling the bust from here.

But the Acting Director for the Laredo Port of Entry, Eugene Crawford notes, “our frontline CBP officers maintain heightened vigilance and bring all of our high tech tools and resources to bear against criminal organizations attempting to smuggle contraband into the United States.”

They aren’t saying much about it but the same high tech equipment is finding it’s way into the heartland of America and is in use under a variety of circumstances. Security for public events is one of the biggest but there isn’t a lot of information about it.

Prisons are another big use. Delaware is testing out a system but Virginia just hit a snag with theirs. A female guard was fired for smuggling contraband but she insists the bust was bogus. It was simply a tampon.


In Tennessee, they didn’t even need to use the body scanner on one woman. As soon as she saw the equipment she confessed to having some meth in a body cavity. Before they could bust her for it, they had to take her to the hospital and have it removed. With the way the machines for scanning vehicles are set up, the days of the radar speed trap will look mild.

The next road overpass you drive under may be x-raying your vehicle for weapons or contraband. Not only that, the system will remember you and your vehicle and will know what’s in your car this time that wasn’t in your car the last time. That could get scary. Of course, they always say that if you aren’t guilty you shouldn’t be nervous. Somehow that always makes people even more nervous.


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