Look at the Sneaky Tactic Dems are Attempting in One of Their Last Strongholds


Radical Dems are getting so sneaky they’re even weaseling themselves. Progressives in Illinois “are getting pushback on new congressional district boundaries they proposed last week.” They expected Republicans to balk but Democrats are screaming bloody murder.

Dems throw a fit

Republicans don’t like the new district map one bit. They “stand to lose U.S. House seats under the plan.” The surprise came from Democratic Rep. Marie Newman. Voters from her Southwest side district are terrified “that the newly released maps would dilute their representation in Washington.”

At least, that’s what Newman told the press on Wednesday, October 20. What the frantic dems are are melting her phone line with are fears their “blue-collar, industrial neighborhoods” will be surrounded by districts made up from “miles and miles of farmland.” Those cracker farmers don’t care one bit about racial justice or abandoning fossil fuels.

One affected voter “criticized” the way predominantly Black districts were being “hacked up.” Black state lawmaker Bobby Rush describes it as “a horrendous map.”

A “nonpartisan” group that studies redistricting, the Princeton Gerrymandering Project, “gave Illinois’ proposed map an ‘F’ for fairness.” Dems are just as interested in gerrymandering as the Republicans are, which is why they refuse to let computers draw the maps.

With modern technology and principles of fractal mathematics, computers can quickly spit out district maps that are fair and balanced to within a voter or two. Dems don’t want that any more than the GOP does.

The official problem with the maps drawn by machine is that they don’t come out very regular in appearance. The real reason is both sides want to have every advantage they can get, not fair boundaries.

Expected to approve

The dastardly dems are all set to approve the new maps even if it does harm their base because it gives republicans two seats less. They’re going to need all the help they can get to hang on to majorities in the mid-terms.

For now, they control state government and redistricting in Illinois so they want to make the best of the window of opportunity. “Although it’s possible they will make changes to the draft they released Friday, the maps are expected to maintain the party’s partisan advantage and eliminate at least one Republican-held district.”

Right now, Dems control 13 of the 18 seats Illinois has in the House. They have to trim out at least one of those seats “because of population loss, most of which occurred in heavily Republican areas of central and southern Illinois.”

They want to make certain it’s republicans who suffer.

Dems carefully carved out a map where they get to select 14 Democrats while the remaining three are grudgingly allowed to the Republicans. The silver lining in the dark cloud is that “it would dismantle the district currently held by GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger, a critic of former President Donald Trump who was one of 10 House Republicans to vote for Trump’s impeachment.”

He’s not gone yet though, and thats why liberals are screaming too. “Kinzinger was drawn into the district held by Newman, which would stretch from Chicago’s southwest suburbs and west along Interstate 80 to the La Salle area.”


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