Explosive Documents Emerge, Parents Further Infuriated…


When parents get their kids packed up and off to school for the day, they have no choice but trust the trained administrators to care for their children. Fairfax County Public School students as young as 10 were quizzed on some explosively uncomfortable subjects and the families aren’t happy at all.

Parents enraged by documents

Parents of children attending Fairfax County Public Schools went through the roof when they found out what their youngsters were being hounded about at school.

A survey handed out to “students as young as 10” asked such sensitive questions as “how many times they had attempted suicide and detailed questions about their sexual encounters.”

Parents Defending Education is demanding answers. It’s clearly a case of Big Brother fishing around to see what they can catch adults doing illegally at home. It’s also giving some of the younger children nightmares and planting ideas in their heads. The adults who brought them into the world don’t feel that all of them are ready to explore such issues, especially when the only thing at stake is the “greater good” to society in general.

The documents reveal such things as “questions about their gender identity, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, religious activity, grades and family life.” They are obviously intrusive and personal.

For example, there are interrogatories like “my parent has had their body hurt from actions (such as punching, kicking, choking, shoving, and pulling of hair) by a spouse/partner.” Then, there are the guilt and privilege series of questions.

Starting out innocently enough, “how many times in the past year have you:” the survey lists items like “said something bad about someone’s race or culture?” Parents don’t like the one asking “Have you ever had a partner in a dating or serious relationship who pressured you into having sex when you didn’t want to?” Some of those kids don’t even understand what the question is asking.

The big picture

PDE is a national grassroots organization of parents who are cooperating to expose “harmful agendas” and “indoctrination in the classroom” through “network and coalition building, investigative reporting, litigation, and engagement on local, state, and national policies.”

They’ve also been “tipped off about other examples of politicization in schools. Liberal indoctrination is running rampant it seems.

Parents from coast-to-coast are furious that schools are “hiring diversity consultants” like the one in Washington “that allegedly required teachers to complete a ‘privilege’ training where participants were told to color in sections prevalent to them” on what liberals cooked up as the “Privilege Pie.”

There were questions like, “How often do you think about what someone of a different race, ethnicity, or culture experiences?” They also learned that, quietly, districts nationwide are peppering the school library shelves with “sexually explicit books.”

Parents who read the offensive survey questions were especially flabbergasted when they learned that after 5th graders were asked personal questions about their mental health and sexual activity, they were then asked “how honest they were in filling out the survey.”

No matter how they answered questions about if they “ever sniffed glue, inhaled the contents of an aerosol spray, taken drugs not prescribed to them, tried drugs such as heroin, crack cocaine and methamphetamine,” the whole survey would be tossed if they admitted using “cabeniferol (cabbies).” It was a trick question “fictitious drug” and students “who reported using ‘cabbies’ were eliminated from the results.” That does a lot of good. What if the kid gets high on stuff he has no clue what he’s taking? That, it seems, would just have to be considered a self-correcting problem. $1,845,660 was allocated from the parents’ taxes to Panorama Education, for the screening.


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