Latest Hack to Test Biden’s Vow


Joe Biden is up against a wall. During his candidacy in a desperate bid to appear “tough on Russia” Biden sought to separate himself from President Trump who was seen as preferring a policy of mutual respect backed with the threat of force with Vladimir Putin with bombast and tough talk that amounted to nothing during the Obama years while Putin rolled into Ukraine. The latest controversy comes from the latest hack against Miami-based Kaseya which affected about 1,500 businesses worldwide. And Biden now must walk his talk and according to the Associated Press “balance his pledge to respond firmly to cyber breaches with his goal of developing a stable relationship with Russia.”

Biden met with Kamala Harris and National Security aides and then departed the White House en route to Illinois on September 15th. The press asked him how he intended to address the matter with Putin,

“I will deliver it to him,” Biden told reporters.

Shortly after, a White House NSC spokesman gave a statement saying “combating ransomware remained a priority, but that the years-long threat “won’t just turn off as easy as pulling down a light switch.”

“No one thing is going to work alone and only together will we significantly impact the threat,” the statement said.

They Still Hate Saying It Was A Russian Hack

Biden’s handling of the Russian hacking problem is front and center in the public consciousness following the disastrous hack of Colonial Pipeline by the ‘Darkside’ hacker group which triggered fuel shortages and soaring gas prices in May 2021. At the time of that hack, Biden’s White House also took ridiculous pains to avoid blaming Russia despite the hack’s obvious origins.

Similarly, the AP reported, “The administration has yet to attribute the latest major attack to Russians hackers. Psaki did not directly answer how Biden might respond, but said he has “a range of options, should he determine to take action.”

“Cybersecurity experts swiftly identified REvil as responsible for the attack, and the notorious Russia-linked gang appeared to admit it publicly by offering on its dark web site to make available a universal decryptor that would unscramble all affected machines if paid $70 million in cryptocurrency.”

Now comes the test that Biden has long sought to avoid, a test that the last Democrat administration failed miserably. How will the dotard, stumbling into what appears to many to be dementia fare against the former KGB Colonel in the height of his power? No American in their right mind is rooting for Russia to win. It’s not a matter of “rooting” for anyone let alone Putin. It merely comes down to facing reality, Biden is not mentally fit for office, let alone sitting across from of our most dangerous opponents.


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